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Top 10 Legal Torrents websites for safe downloads

Legal torrents websites

Torrent is a very useful technology to share content but this allows the sharing of both legal and illegal data. If you want to download free movies and games from Torrent websites then you have to be careful with the illegal Torrents. Though there is no specific way to differentiate between the legal and illegal contents shared on most of the Torrent websites.

While surfing you might not take the risk with the illegal Torrents, so we have provided a list of legal Torrent websites here. You can easily search and download content safely from these legal Torrent websites.

Websites for Legal Torrent Download

  • Public Domain Torrents
  • Legit Torrents
  • Internet Archive
  • Linux Tracker
  • Bitlove
  • Jamendo
  • Etree
  • Vodo
  • Miro Guide
  • Vuze StudioHD Network

1. Public Domain Torrents 

Public Domain Torrents are completely free and legal movie download websites. Various classic movies and movies are hosted buy public domain torrents. You can even download those files for free.

This website also provides a filter feature to the users to narrow down their search. Some of the classic movies which are difficult to find anywhere else are available here. All the content which you will get here is available freely in the public domain.

2. Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents is the 100% legal Torrent downloading website with negligible security problems. This legal Torrent website hosts over more than 3700 other legal Torrents which can be accessed by the users for downloading process. The website is well designed and has advanced search options.

A user can simply choose the category of their search- shows, Linux distro, movies, music, games, animation, books, apps, etc. Legit Torrents also features the top 10 most active Torrents.

3. Internet Archive

Internet archive is owned by which hosts snapshots of websites on different dates. Internet archives hosts audio, videos, ebooks, files, etc. You can find movies categorically listed on the website which makes it super easy to find the right audio or video for you.

4. Linux Tracker

Linux Tracker is the best legal Torrent website if you are a distro-hop lover. The homepage of this website is very sorted in terms of data, seeders, leechers, etc. Linux Tracker can also be used to help a fellow open-source enthusiast by providing the list of seed wanted Torrents. This legal Torrent website has been tracking Linux Torrents from the past 12 years.

5. Bitlove

Bitlove is a legal Torrent with a huge directory that stores more than 1850 audio Torrents and more than 222 videos. This website has a well-organized directory that is alphabetically arranged. The users can even sort their search content on the basis of language.

This is the best feature provided by the Bitlove legal Torrent. This website is a great source of audio and video podcast feed. This legal Torrent website ensures the data integrity of the user with the help of SHA1 hashes.

6. Jamendo

This website calls itself the world’s largest service for free music. The website is best known for independent artists who share their work on this website under creative commons license. If you are mainly looking for music torrents then this website should be your first choice.

7. Etree

This Torrent website is perfect for audio clips and music. Many trade-friendly artists share their live concerts on Etree. Numerous music-loving people find this website best. All the music available here is original and 100% legal to download.

8. Vodo

Vodo is a good option for those who wish to visit a legal Torrent site, watch free movies, and download their desired Torrents. Vodo has about more than 200 independent movies provided by the content creators.

The site also allows users to support their favorite artists through donations. Vodo has a very simple interface. All the featured contents are listed on the homepage of the website. The users can easily sort their search results there.

9. Miro Guide

Miro Guide is an Internet TV player which comes with built-in BitTorrent client for searching the desired content and playing them. This legal Torrent website is an open-source and independent platform. It has a simple interface with a safe and easy download. It provides users with video and audio options to choose from.

10. Vuze StudioHD Network

Vuze StudioHD Network is an excellent source of legal Torrent movies and is safe to download. Vuze StudioHD is a better option than uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Transmission. It is host to numerous video contents which are organized into several categories such as comedy, TV shows and movies, music videos, news videos, TED Talks, etc. The users can visit the online website or they can access the Torrent directory from the Vuze client itself.

These were the 10 best legal Torrent websites for safe and legal downloads. You may look for the desired content on any of these websites and download it without any issue or illegal threat.

Many of you may still have a doubt about how to download Torrents from these websites. You don’t need to worry. Go through this excerpt to know the steps.

How to download Torrents safely?

To download your desired content legally from a Torrent website you require a good Torrent client such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, Transmission, Vuze, etc. Apart from this you also need a VPN service to ensure that your Torrent download is safe and your IP address remains hidden.

You may check our list of best free VPNs for Android and iPhone if you don’t have any idea about VPNs.

Once you have a secured VPN connection and a Torrent client then you may easily search contents on Torrent and download them.

I hope that by now it would be clear to you all the legal Torrent websites. Now, go ahead and try these websites for legal and safe download. If you find this article helpful then do leave a message in the comment box.


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