Android vs iPhone: which is better?

android vs iphone

Android vs iPhone: The adorable fight between Android users and iPhone users is never going to end no matter how much genuine facts you put forward. This is also not something that you can put down one by listing the pros and cons of both (Android & iPhone). The debate that which phone is better, Android or iPhone is not something that it all depends on the manufacturers but personal choice does matters.

There are always two sides of a coin, both phones have their own pros and cons. It is very important to mention that software and hardware of iPhone is fully under control of Apple that is why they have the finest sync between software and hardware while Android is developed by Google and distributed to different manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola etc.

As Android is an open source operating system and the code is available to everyone these companies further make some changes according to their need and use it on their devices. Let’s discuss this in little detail.

Android vs iPhone: Let’s dig a bit deeper


The very first thing we would consider is software updates both phones receive and there is no doubt that iPhone is way better than Android in giving timely updates to their users. You will be amazed to know that Apple still rolls out updates for iPhone 4S which was released back in 2011! Also, Apple has complete control over both hardware and software and is never distributed to anyone else. This makes Apple devices much secure than other devices. Android is a bit slow in releasing updates as first the updates are created at Google end and then mobile manufacturers optimize it according to their device. This entire process takes time and that is why they are a bit slower.

It is possible that you will stop receiving updates on Android as new upgrades come unless you are a nexus user and after some time you will (most probably) stop receiving updates. While Apple assures that their users always get the latest from them

App Store VS Playstore

android vs iphone

Once you have got the new phone it’s time to load the new device with some important and cool apps to make your smartphone experience easier and handy. In terms of counting, App store offers fewer apps than Playstore. Apple is strict (or too strict) in what apps it allows while Android is a tad casual at this. And that’s why most of the attacks are carried on Android.

Most app developers have shown their concern on app development for so many different phones for Android and this makes it expensive to develop. On the other hand, making apps for iOS is easy as only Apple uses iOS. So App store offers much quality apps as compared to Android (Bonus: most apps comes on iOS first).

User experience and customization

If you are a normal user like most people then iPhone and Android both offer good user experience but if you love to dig into the lowest level function then you must definitely go for Android. Basically, you own your device if you have Android, you are the master of it but sorry to say if you buy an iPhone you are basically buying yourself a master. 

Android offers greater customization and control. You can install third party launchers and keyboards and make them default while iPhone has some restriction in using third-party app as the default app. Android lets you control most of it and is highly user-friendly whereas for iPhone you are just a normal user who follows the Apple policies.

Hardware and Security

Apple’s Touch ID is the only fingerprint sensor which can detect if the user is alive or not. if you the user is no more than you can’t just use his/her fingers to unlock the device. iPhone hardware is generally of higher quality and performs better in some cases than others. iPhone won’t let you expand the storage with an external storage card and also no dual SIM.

As Android is used by different manufacturers so hardware quality depends upon the company but if we consider only flagships from reputed companies like Samsung, LG, HTC etc. then they outperform iPhone in many ways.

 As far as security is concerned no doubt iPhone has the upper hand that is the reason why businessmen tend to use iPhone. In one study 97% of the viruses, worms, and malwares were for Android and 0% attacked iPhone.

Maps and voice assistant


Apple map is exclusive to iOS only which faced many problems on its debut but improving gradually. On the other hand, Android uses Google maps which is way better than Apple maps. Even if you don’t want to use Apple maps, Google map is still there on Appstore to download.

Voice assistance is becoming popular and people are operating their phones through voice than touch. No doubt Google assistant is much advance and intelligent than Apple’s Siri. Google assistant uses your personal information to provide you with much-personalized experience while Siri can only handle basic tasks.

Final words

No matter how much pros and cons we pile up here, both are good at their own places. We cannot just say that go and grab an iPhone or Android; it depends on user need and choice. If you want a phone with a premium look and highest level of security and rest with standard features then go for iPhone. But if you are more concerned about phone’s control and customization, most innovative features and user experience then go for Android.

Another advantage of Android over iPhone is that there are tremendous options available to choose from. You can get an Android device in $50 also and in $900 also, Android can fit anyone’s pocket while iPhones are generally expensive.

This was all about Android vs iPhone if you have any different experience then do let us know in the comment section below. Cheers!

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