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Best FREE Sticker Apps for WhatsApp (Android & iPhone)

WhatsApp included the sticker package in their app and that makes chatting even more fun. With the introduction of stickers, WhatsApp joined Facebook, Hike, and Telegram which added sticker feature long ago. With the introduction of stickers, many third app developers started making sticker apps for WhatsApp.

The sticker feature is relatively new so it may not have the best collection and this is where the third party WhatsApp sticker apps come to the rescue.

But before we jump to the sticker apps and packs let’s first see how to use stickers and where they are present.

How to download sticker apps or packs in WhatsApp?

how to use stickers in whatsapp

First, update the WhatsApp app to the latest version if you have not updated WhatsApp for a long time. Now open any contact and tap on the emoji button in the text box and then on sticker icon.

Now click on the “+” icon and there you will see some default stickers from WhatsApp which you can download.

You can download third-party sticker apps from here only, just scroll to the bottom and you also get the option to download third-party sticker apps.

How to Use WhatsApp stickers?

Now let’s use the sticker packs we have downloaded. Simply go to any contact> tap on the emoji icon> sticker icon and choose any sticker from the downloaded packs. Default WhatsApp stickers can be used directly after downloading.

But for third-party sticker packs, you need to first add them from the app. After downloading, open the sticker app and there you will find different types of sticker memes, packs, etc. There will be an option “Add to the WhatsApp” button.

how to add stickers to whatsapp

Once you have added the sticker memes and packs, it will be available to use in the WhatsApp.

Best Sticker memes/packs apps for WhatsApp

  1. – Sticker maker and packsCreate own custom stickers for whatsapp

Why we chose it for the first position? It is probably the highest-rated sticker app with more than 200k+ reviews with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5! It has one of the best collections of stickers and memes. All these memes and stickers are uploaded by users from across the globe.

You can even create your own stickers and share them with your friends on WhatsApp. It has auto cut technology that can cut out people, objects or anything from the background and use it as a sticker on WhatsApp.

DownloadAndroid | iPhone

  1. New stickers for WhatsApp

This app has got a wide variety of stickers and funny expressions. It is also very popular on the Play Store in the Stickers category. One must try this app for an amazing gossip on WhatsApp.

DownloadAndroid | iPhone

  1. Stickers Cloud

This is another great sticker app for WhatsApp and this app has over 700+ stickers in various categories. Some categories in the app are Christmas, meme stickers, celebrities stickers, anime stickers and many more. It is updated on a regular basis from the internet so you might see some new stickers every other day.


  1. WAStickerApps Lovelove stickers for whatsapp

To all the couples out there, this app is for you! Not only couples but to anyone you love. Express your love and emotions with these amazing love stickers for 2020. I won’t describe this app in much detail, I would rather just say download it now!


  1. Stickify

Enjoy stickers in high definition and use them on WhatsApp or iMessage. The app is updated regularly with new stickers and some are really hilarious. Use this stickify app to express your emotions in the best possible way.

DownloadAndroid | iPhone

  1. Dank memes stickers

Our list would have been incomplete without listing a meme sticker app. I personally love meme stickers more than anything else and almost everyone loves memes. If you are a meme lover than this app should be on your phone.


  1. Texticker, Create a text sticker

If you think text-based stickers don’t do well, you probably want to check the popularity of this app. Text-based stickers are best when you want to wish or greet someone on a special day.


  1. Sticker maker

No matter how cool and funny stickers or memes people make but sometimes we normal users also come up with some hilarious meme ideas. This app has got no stickers but can be used to create your own custom stickers and add them to WhatsApp and share it with anyone.

The process of making a sticker is very simple. Believe me, the on-screen instructions are enough to guide you through the process. Just add the image from your device, put some funny text and that’s it! It’s always fun to have your own set of custom stickers.

DownloadiPhone | Android

Best Diwali, Christmas & New Year Sticker apps for WhatsApp

One must never forget to wish their loved ones on special days of the year. Here are some stickers for big festivals and days.

christmas, new year, Diwali stickers

  1. New Year Stickers– Wish New Year 2020 in style and unique way using these amazing WhatsApp stickers. This app has got some really unique graphics and stickers. Download (Android).
  2. Merry Christmas– Christmas is celebrated worldwide by almost every religion and is celebrated with a blast. Make this Christmas more fun with these funny Christmas stickers. Download (Android) (iPhone). 
  3. Diwali Stickers – Diwali is probably the biggest Hindu festival celebrated around the globe. This Diwali sticker app is the best to wish someone in a cool graphical way. Download (Android) (iPhone).

Best Hindi stickers packs | memes apps for WhatsApp

I hail from India that’s why I have got to include some best sticker apps in Hindi for WhatsApp. Here is my personal favorite list:

Hindi sticker app for whatsapp

  1. Bindaas: Hindi stickers and memes

WARNING! Some memes have cuss words in it, kids stay away, I know you won’t but I had to say it so said. This app got some really funny sticker memes in Hindi and funny expressions. You should definitely try this one.


  1. Hindi stickers for WhatsApp: Mirzapur Stickers

Oh, man! How could I not include Mirzapur memes or stickers? That web series had more punch lines than all the movies and shows released the entire year. If you have seen Mirzapur then you must download this app. I have included two apps for Mirzapur stickers, check both.

Download – (Mirzapur, Mirzapur1) Android

  1. Bollywood stickers for WhatsApp

Who is not a fan of Bollywood? This app has a lot of memes on popular movie dialogue from Bollywood. 


  1. Sacred games stickers

India’s first Netflix series, Sacred games needs no introduction to anyone at least in India. The web series has some of the bluntest and funny dialogues. I am personally a fan of both Mirzapur and sacred games so I have both sticker packs saved in WhatsApp.


  1. Modi stickers for WhatsApp

The prime minister of India gives powerful speeches every other day and his mammoth fan following. This app has some of his best funny expressions and sarcastic punchlines. I think you will love this app too, though I am not a big fan.   


Best Tamil sticker apps for WhatsApp- Android

Below are the 5 best Tamil sticker memes apps for WhatsApp; Android.

  1. Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp (Download)

  2. Tamilnada: Tamil stickers, WA Status (Download)

  3. StickersPedia – Tamil Stickers (Download)

  4. Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp, a WAStickerApps maker (Download)

  5. Tamil Stickers: WA Status Saver, WA Stickers App (Download)

Note- I don’t understand Tamil, so I sought the help of my Tamil friends and these are their suggestions. A friend in need is a friend indeed! If you have any other suggestions feel free to write to us or comment below.

Best Malayalam Stickers for WhatsApp

These are top 5 Malayalam sticker apps for WhatsApp:

  1. Malayalam Stickers (Download)

  2. Karikku Malayalam Stickers (Download)

  3. Malayalam Stickers, songs trailer LiveTV (Download)

  4. Malayalam Stickers for WhatsApp (Download)

  5. Malayalam Stickers – Chali Reloaded (Download)

Note- Like Tamil, Malayalam is also alien to me so as usual, I asked my Kerala friends to give their best sticker apps. If you have any other suggestions feel free to write to us or comment below.

Above were some of the best sticker apps for WhatsApp in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam language for 2020. I know there are many other languages but it’s not possible for me to include every language.

What if I Uninstall the Sticker Apps?

I know why you asked this question, nobody likes to keep multiple sticker apps on their phones. The good news is, you can remove or uninstall the sticker app after adding them to WhatsApp. Do remember that you must add the stickers to WhatsApp then only you can remove the app. I have already described above how to add stickers to WhatsApp.

What if I Re-Install WhatsApp? Will I lose the stickers?

Even if you re-install the WhatsApp you will still have all your stickers provided you had backed up your WhatsApp after adding your favorite stickers. In short, backup your WhatsApp and you will have all your stickers the next time you reinstall WhatsApp.

I guess I have covered all aspects of Sticker apps for WhatsApp. If you have any queries or liked any app do tell us or if we missed any really good sticker meme app then also let us know.


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