Do ghosts exist? Know what science has to say

Do ghosts exist

Ghosts, this word has always been a topic of human interest and a word of fear. General public (most of them) say they (ghost) do exist and part of our society. We have seen movies on ghosts and paranormal activity; we have heard people claiming to have experienced supernatural things or have sighted someone deceased in their family.

Most of us only have learned it from other persons but still it gives us chills. There are plenty of paranormal societies around the world who give video clips and photographs as proofs but science does not work that way. Whenever the world faces something weird or unexplained, scientists and engineers are our real superheroes! Science always asks for some solid proof which makes some sense.

Do ghosts exist?

In short ghosts don’t exists, now don’t get offended if you are among those who believe in ghosts or spirit. Science says that ghosts are the result of optical illusion and hallucinations. This also depends upon how you were raised as a kid and your own beliefs towards ghosts.

Most of the ghosts sighting were reported at night time when human brain is tired and can easily misinterpret or where light was low and had stronger magnetic field than normal. Stronger magnetic field is seen as proof in paranormal society because they believe that this field is created by ghosts.

Magnetic field varies geographically and stronger magnetic field can cause hallucination, dizziness or other neurological symptoms. In a research it was found that electrical stimulation to the angular gyrus of the brain can cause the sensation of someone behind you mimicking your movements and also made them feel near death experience.

Human brain is hardwired to spot danger more quickly or things which can put our life in danger. This is the reason why we find every object as monsters at night also our ears become more sensitive and relate any sound with ghosts.


Temperature is another factor in building that are thought to be haunted, people reported sudden drop in temperature at haunted places. Sensation of lower temperature can also come from reduced humidity and in a research it was found that haunted places were less humid than others.

Low frequency sounds (less than 20Hz) can cause phenomena that people generally associate with ghosts. This include feeling of extreme sorrow, presence of someone, anxiety, nervousness and discomfort. People notice the effects of low pitched sound rather than sound itself.  Such experiences are often reported by people in extreme physical or emotional pain or those grieving for a lost loved one.

Many experiments were conducted but all rejected the ghost belief and proved that it all depends on how we perceive information in different condition and circumstances.

It is all there in our brains only. It all happens due to many environmental factors like geographical location of that place, variance of local magnetic field, lightening level which witness may not be consciously aware.


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