How to enable Dark Mode in Chrome (Android, Windows & macOS)

Dark mode is getting popular each day and that is why almost all popular apps have started working on the dark mode feature for their respective apps. Recently WhatsApp launched the dark mode feature. In this guide, I will show how you can enable dark mode in Chrome on all platforms. 

Though not every app has officially launched the dark mode but all major apps have publicly said that they are working on dark mode feature.

Apart from improved visual ergonomics, there are more reasons to switch to dark mode. Won’t it be great to first learn the benefits and drawbacks of using dark mode?

Pros and Cons of using dark mode

Pros- Most importantly it reduces strain on eyes but only in low light conditions like at night. It also saves energy but only when your device uses OLED or AMOLED display. Enabling dark mode also helps in reducing blue light from the device.

Cons- In daylight conditions the text appears washed out and increases strain on eyes. Reading a text-heavy page seems challenging.

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With all these pros and cons, let’s now see how to activate dark mode in Chrome.

How to Enable dark mode in Chrome

Very few users know that Chrome has hidden dark mode and turning it on is not so straight forward.

Enable dark mode in Chrome on Android

Dark mode in Chrome Android

  • Open Chrome browser and type chrome://flags/ in the address bar.
  • After the link opens, type Dark mode in the search box. You will get two results; “Force Dark Mode for web contents” and “Android Chrome UI dark mode”. Enable both the options for better dark mode experience.
  • Restart chrome.

Dark theme settings on Android

  • Now go to Settings> Themes> Dark. If you don’t see the themes option then update your chrome browser and check. Themes feature has recently been added.

Flags are those features of chrome that are under testing or experimental. It works most of the time and even in our test, it worked without any issues. But as said these are experimental so it won’t necessarily work for every website.

Enable Dark mode in Chrome on Windows 10

There are two ways you can enable dark mode in chrome. First is to change your windows 10 theme to a dark theme and the chrome will adapt its color accordingly. Secondly, enable dark mode only in chrome not anywhere else.

Enable dark theme in Windows 10

As explained we will change the theme from light to dark and all apps will also change their colors to dark. Follow the below steps to activate the dark theme:

dark theme on windows

  • Go to Start menu of Windows> Settings> Personalization> Colors.
  • Scroll down a bit and under choose your default app mode, select Dark.

This setting change requires no reboot. You can see that everything has turned dark; now open chrome and you will dark mode enabled but not on web pages.

Enable dark mode only in chrome browser in Windows

chrome dark mode for windows

The above setting will enable dark mode in the entire OS. Maybe you just wanted it in chrome only. Just enter this address chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in the URL bar and from the drop-down menu select enabled.

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Enable dark theme for chrome in macOS

  • Open System Preferences> General> Appearance.
  • Now select “Dark”. As in windows, all apps with native dark mode will adapt to the system dark mode.

This will activate dark mode for chrome in macOS without any further input from you. As of now Google has not released any dark mode for iOS but is in progress. You can still apply dark mode by enabling dark mode for your entire device on iOS 13.

Dark mode for iPhone is only available in iOS 13 and for Android users, only devices running on Android 10 have the dark mode.

That is all we have for this article. Most probably you won’t face any problems but you can still share your thoughts or any issues in the comment section below.

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