FREE temporary mobile number for OTP verification on any website

These days privacy word is making noise everywhere because recent data breaches, selling and buying of user’s browsing history is the reason behind. This may be the reason why most people especially youth are browsing the internet using anonymous browsers, fake or disposable email addresses and mobile numbers. Fake mobile numbers? Yes you heard it right; these are not actually fake but virtual numbers. There are some websites which provide temporary mobile number for OTP verification on any website.

Some websites give you numbers which you can use to verify any account online. While some other are App based virtual numbers which you can use not only to verify account but you can also make calls and send messages to anyone. You will have to recharge that virtual number with real money and then you can start making calls. Today we will only discuss about the websites which you can use to get free temporary or virtual mobile number for OTP verification.

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What is an OTP?

OTP stands for One Time Password. When you visit any website or app and try to create an account then they will probably ask for your mobile number to verify your account. They will send an OTP to your number which you need to enter on the website. This way companies collect legit numbers about their users and drastically reduce spam users on their websites.

Temporary mobile numbers for OTP

Temporary Virtual mobile number Providers list for OTP verification

These are some websites which gives absolutely free temporary mobile numbers which can be used on any website for OTP verification.

How to use these numbers for OTP verification

For the sake of this tutorial I am using ( this website. You can choose any website for different country number or according to your choice.

Follow the steps below to use the temporary number

  • Visit
  • Click on any free number of any country
  • Use that number anywhere required for verification.
  • Now in few seconds you will receive the OTP on that number (Virtual number website)
  • Use this OTP to verify your account.

Congratulations! You just used a temporary virtual number to verify your account without revealing your personal number. But there are few points to keep in mind; the messages will be available for a maximum period of 24 hours after that the messages will be discarded. All the numbers are changed or refreshed with new ones every month.

That’s all regarding free temporary mobile number for OTP verification, if you get stuck anywhere then feel free to ask in the comment section below. We will be at your service instantly. And one more thing, you can motivate us by sharing this article with your friends or give us feedback so, we can serve you better. Cheers!

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