How to bypass the WiFi login page on Android and Windows

Bypass WiFi login page in Android & Windows

Today’s post is really interesting, today I will show how you can bypass the WiFi login page. Yes, you heard it right but only certain types of WiFi networks can be bypassed which I will discuss in this article. I am damn sure that you must have faced this situation where you found an open WiFi network and you connected to it.

Then you found that it is asking for login credentials in the browser or use as a guest user by verifying your number. I know it can be heartbreaking but this is basically a tactic to gather guest user’s information. Normally you can provide your phone number/email or both and verify it with OTP and they will let you access their WiFi connection.

But the major drawback is that they will start sending promotional offers on your number, which is very irritating for me. Do we have any cheat way to bypass the WiFi login page and browse their connection anonymously?

Yes, we have a method to easily bypass the WiFi login page at any place like the airport, railway stations, colleges, schools, etc.

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**Note – Do remember one thing that this method will only work if the WiFi is open and requires login credentials to use the internet. Some networks even block the VPN method given here, so this method won’t work in those cases. WiFi network which is locked/secured won’t be exploited by this method.**

Don’t like reading? Here we have a video tutorial for you.

How to bypass the WiFi login page on Android

The process is extremely simple and within a couple of minutes, you will be browsing on their WiFi connection. This method works with both rooted and non-rooted devices. Follow the below steps to bypass the WiFi login page on any Android device.Psiphon for Android

  • Firstly you need to download an Android app called Psiphon Pro. Apple users download it from the App store.
  • But don’t open the app now.
  • Now select the target WiFi network and connect with it.
  • Open the Psiphon Pro app and on the home page click on “start”.
  • It will ask you to select one option out of two- “Tunnel whole device” and “Use Psiphon browser only”.
  • Select “Tunnel whole device” and wait for few seconds.
  • Now it will show status as “Tunnel connected”.

That’s it, now you will be connected to one of the servers. Now use any app or browser everything will be open, no capping no restriction do whatever you want to do.

How to Bypass the WiFi login page on Windows?

The process on Windows is even simpler. Follow the below steps to bypass the WiFi login page Windows.

Psiphon pro for Windows

  • Download the file from here. It doesn’t require installation.
  • Open the app.
  • By default, the “connect via” option (below the connect button) is set to the Fastest Country. You can click on it and set any other country.
  • Now click on “connect” and after few seconds it will show status as “Psiphon is connected“.

The entire process was just a click! For the best internet experience keep the country as Fastest Country or a country nearest to your country. If you select a country far from your own country then you will notice a noticeable drop in internet speed.

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How to access blocked sites on WiFi at college or office?

How about if I tell you that we know another method which removes the restrictions of the WiFi network? The administration of most Colleges, schools, and offices block the social sites, adult sites or any other websites which distract students or employees.

You can’t open Facebook, YouTube or download anything from the internet. Though you can easily unblock any website and restrictions and use the web the way you want.

You just have to do nothing! Successfully connecting to Psiphon Pro not only bypass WiFi login page but also unblocks all the blocked websites. No need to do any extra setting. You can even change the destination server by going to Options>Select Region and change the country to any other.

But make sure you do not connect with your own country where you reside. Suppose I am from India then I won’t select India as the destination server. You may lose access to the WiFi in some cases.

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You may notice a drop in speed, that’s obvious because now you are communicating via not directly. This will, of course, increase the time to reach the actual destination.

Bonus – You can use any VPN app to bypass the WiFi login page on Android. For this tutorial, I have used Psiphon Pro as this app is best for this purpose. You can check our list of best free VPN apps for Android & iPhone.

That’s was all about “How to Bypass WiFi login page” almost anywhere. Most probably it will work and if it works then do let us know in the comment section below. Cheers!

Jai Singh

Love reading and writing about technology, trying new stuff, and spreading the same in the easiest way possible.

8 thoughts on “How to bypass WiFi login page on Android and Windows

  • Can i do that with any vpn apps?

  • Very nice share bro,its working!!

    • Parsley farm

      Brilliant, that’s going to stay in the basket! Cheers.

  • Stewart Cresswell

    (From UK) Psiphon pro (android) works on some wifi’s and not others, will not connect to BT fon but will connect to holiday parks well.

    • You are right Stewart, mostly it works well on Wifi networks of restaurants, Hotel or school/college etc while some Wifi has better security.

  • Samiddha Chakrabarti

    I try the process several time. But the app can’t be connect with the wifi. It is not possible.

    • Jai Singh

      Please check if the wifi you are trying to connect is open and asks for login ID when you open the browser then try to connect the app. This method will not work if the wifi is secured with password on the router itself.

    • stylo hunk

      Your college has blocked that particular vpn’s. Try it out with other vpn’s.


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