How to hide files in calculator on Android

Android is most used mobile operating system, billions of devices are running on Android and gives you more feature than any other operating system. We already have shared tricks to hide files and folder but this one is my favorite.

You can hide your files and folders inside the calculator and nobody will ever learn that it is actually a safe vault because this app will work as a normal calculator but has secret way to convert it into safe vault.

How to hide files in calculator on Android

Now to do this we are going to use “Smart Hide Calculator” which is basically functions like a normal calculator but with a twist.

Follow the below steps and you will see how it is done:

Download the Smart Hide Calculator App from here.

hide files in calculator

Open the App and you will be asked to set password. Enter your password and hit = repeat this step again to confirm your password.

hide files in calculator

You may also set a secondary password in case you forget your password (it is optional).

Now you will see that it looks like any other calculator but when you enter your password and tap = then you will be taken into the vault where you can hide your files and folders safely.

hide files in calculator

That’s it! Just click on hide files to hide your files. Click on unhide files to make files visible.

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We have another App which is a bit more features loaded called Photo, Video locker-Calculator.

Download the App from here.

hide files in Android

Open the App and it will ask you to set password, enter the password and hit =. Repeat this step one more time to verify your password.

Now you need to set a recovery email in case you forget your password. This email will be used to recover your password.

By this time you will see secret locker interface to hide your pictures, videos and even lock Apps with intruder selfie feature i.e. if anyone tries to access your app with wrong password or lock pattern then your device will automatically take selfie of the intruder without their knowledge.

hide files in calculator


Now tap on pictures or videos to hide your photos and videos. Chose AppLock and select the apps you want to lock. It’s this simple!

For now “how to hide files in calculator” comes to end. If this tutorial helped you then share it with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy!

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