21 million MixCloud users’ data put up on the dark web for sale

Mixcloud hacked!

Hacked! MixCloud, a US-based renowned audio streaming site has been breached in November. The hacker is now selling the data of around 21 million users accounts on the dark web marketplace. Although the exact number of hacked accounts is not known, there are likely more than 20 million as the hacker has listed around 21 million accounts for sale on the dark web.

The platform allows the listening and distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts which are uploaded by its users. The company said it has more than 17 million users.

The MixCloud user information includes various details like the username, email, address, password, native country, date of registration, IP address, account sign-up details and last-login dates and links to profile photos.

The data sold for a price of $2000. It was listed for this amount or 0.5 bitcoin.

Motherboard informed MixCloud of the apparent breach.

The company has recommended the users to change the password to be on the safe side. Now the data advertised on the dark web contains the email, address, and uncrackable password that appeared to be scrambled with the SHA-2 algorithm.

According to the motherboard analysis of data shared by the seller, the data breach found to occur in November and the data found to be authentic.

To verify the data, Motherboard took random selections of the email addresses and tried to create accounts on MixCloud with them.

In all the cases it was not possible as all the accounts were linked to the MixCloud accounts showing that the data put on the dark web was authentic.

TechCrunch, another tech news site, also verified the authenticity of the data by various other means.

The hacker behind the MixCloud breach goes by the name of A_W_S.

He was involved in other hacking too like that of Canva, Chegg, Poshmark, PromoFarma, StockX, Wirecard, StorEnvy, etc.

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