Partition of India and Pakistan

partition of india and pakistan

The story of the partition of India and Pakistan was written by blood, violence and politics. Partition of India and Pakistan happened and the causes of this were disastrous. After the partition there began one of the greatest migration in human history as millions of people had to migrate to their respective country which they felt to be safe for them according to their religion. Which caused communal violence and thousands of people lost their life.

How it all started

The Indian National Congress (INC) consisted of all the big figures of that time in politics like Gandhi, Nehru etc. always supported for united India with no racial discrimination  On the other side Muslim league was formed to safeguard the Muslim rights and beliefs.

Originally formed as an opposition to INC but initially they agreed in their mutual motive of expelling British out of the country. The British always wanted to divide them on religion basis.

The dissent between Hindu and Muslim

Before independence, the Muslim comprised of 25% of the total population and racial discrimination between both the communities were getting more pronounced. Muslim are monotheist and Hindus are polytheist and these major religious differences translated into social differences.

Muslims believed that if Indian National Congress (INC) came to power, which was the largest single party in that era and mostly comprised Hindu leaders would interfere with Muslim ways of living as dictated in Quran. This dispute and distrust led them to think of separate nation for Muslim.

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And finally the fire in the hole came on 16 August 1946 also known as ‘Direct Action Day’ when the Muslim League leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah started protest rally turned into riots. Firstly started in Calcutta (Kolkata) when Muslims had led the attack on Hindus and the violence spread like wildfire to other cities.

The partition of India and Pakistan

According to the decision made, it was said that areas with concentrated Muslim majority would fall in Pakistan while rest will be India. Bengal and Punjab were Muslim concentrated so a portion of Bengal (currently Bangladesh) was given to Pakistan.

But dispute again started when it came to part Punjab as neither the Sikhs nor the Muslims wanted to lose such fertile land as a result the partition was done right across the middle between Amritsar and Lahore.

Pakistan was established on August 14th, 1947. A day later on August 15th, 1947 foundation of the independent republic of India was kept.

The story of the partition of India and Pakistan is big but here we discussed the core of the dispute which led to the partition of both the countries. So, that is all about “How the partition of India and Pakistan happened”. Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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