Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM

Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM

Android is a superb operating system from the search giant Google. When it comes to features and performance no one can question about its credibility. Android is the largest used operating system used in almost 80% of mobiles. But do you know Android comes in two forms: Stock ROM and Custom ROM.

Stock ROM is the android version that company officially provides with tablets or phones while Custom ROM is the android version which is not officially provided but customized and distributed by other developers.

Both of the android versions have their own pros and cons. While we talk about ROMs for android it means firmware for android phones and tablets. Installing or flashing a ROM in a phone is similar to installing different OS in your laptop or pc.

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Android is an open source operating system, developers generally modify the code to add some additional features to it which is known as Custom ROM.

Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM

Why to choose Stock ROMs?

  • Warranty: Stock ROMs doesn’t void your warranty. One of the biggest reasons that people doesn’t go for Custom ROMs is warranty. Most of the company prohibits android rooting and if you do so then you may lose your warranty.  
  • Premium Apps: Stock ROMs comes with preinstalled premium apps like music player, ID tracker etc, that company customizes to attract the users and these apps can only be found in stock ROM. Like S voice for Samsung S3 which is similar to siri for iphone 4s.
  • Security: As one can easily trust Android operating system sold by a reputed company as it doesn’t contain any malware or malicious file that doesn’t means that Custom ROMs comes with malicious apps or file. But you feel safe when you have someone backed you up.

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Why to choose Custom ROMs?

  • Root access: Custom ROMs provides you the root access of your phone i.e. it gives you the permission that you can do almost anything to your device. You became the master of your phone you decides which apps to install or which to uninstall (even system apps).
  • Regular Updates: You will get the regular updates for the android version installed in your phone.
  • More attractive and customizable: Once you get the root access you can customize your phone and can install the Custom ROM made for your device. You can add many tweaks like navigation bar and can change the tweaks of status bar.

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We hope our explanation has now cleared your doubt about whether to switch to custom ROM or stick to stock ROM. That’s all about “Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM”. Got any thoughts? Drop it in the comment section below. 

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