What happens to your body after you die?

What happens to human body after death?

Sooner or later everyone is going to die. The very first sentence only makes us realize of our mortality. You may wonder to know that some people’s job is to observe dead people decomposing under different condition.

This helps them to understand the decaying process and the knowledge gained is used for investigation process; which help them predict death time more precisely.

Now if you have decided to know the chain reaction that will follow after you are gone, let’s dive into the processes/ stages of death.

What happens to human body after death

The process of decomposition starts just few minutes after death. The rate of decomposition depends on different factors like body condition, environmental factors, cause of death etc.

After the heart has stopped pumping blood, the body temperature rapidly cools down until it reaches surrounding temperature, this is called algor mortis. As heart has stopped working cells become deprived of oxygen and they begin to die one by one.

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Acidity increases in these dead cells as toxic by-product of chemical reaction begin to accumulate inside it. This causes cells to burst and the enzymes leak out and the process of self-digestion begins.

All the blood starts accumulating to the lowest part of the body, closest to ground due to gravity as blood circulation has stopped. The body turns pale from top and purple or reddish purple from bottom or the parts closest to ground where blood has accumulated due to gravity. This discoloration is called livor mortis. This may occur anytime between 30-150 minutes after death.

The next stage is called rigor mortis and it makes the body stiff and hard to move. Contraction of muscle is due to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) molecules (actin & myosin) slide into one another and relax when they slide apart.

These molecules are responsible for energy flow to muscles. Few hours after death these molecules also die and get locked at one place causing the muscles to contract and stiffen. Usually this process starts after 3 hours and peaks at 12 hours. This goes away after 40-48 hours.

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Spontaneous movement is another thing that happens during the decomposition process and probably the most horrific. Hours after the death has occurred, the limbs of the body may twitch or move. This happens because of the biochemical reaction.

However this happens only in special circumstances like higher temperature, body position when death occurred. Sounds may also be produced by specific poisons (parathion) which reverberate against the vocal cords. This makes the whole scene more creepier.

The final stage of death is Putrefaction. In this process, bacteria which once helped food to digest in gut start digesting the internal organs of the body. As this bacterium breaks the body down, it releases putrescine and cadaverine, which are the compounds that make the human body to smell horrible!

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In the end we all return to the nature and help Mother Nature by nurturing grasses and plants if buried (not you if you are hindu). As everybody is gonna die, i think you should share the article with your friends, they should know too.

This was all about what happens to human body after death. If you have any thoughts do let us know in the comment section below. 



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