Why Pakistan claims Kashmir

why pakistan claims kashmir

Who claims Kashmir? The issue is making buzz since India-Pakistan partition and most people are not even aware what is the issue. Every year the matter is dragged to UN for resolving the issue. Today we will tell you what actually happened at the time of partition which caused this kashmir dispute.

Why Pakistan claims Kashmir

At the time of partition, it was decided that areas with the Muslim majority would fall under the newly formed Pakistan and for princely states, it was decided that the rulers of those states would decide whether to annex with India or Pakistan.

Let me explain what a princely state is: A princely state was that part of British India which was ruled by local ruler (legally under British) with greater power as British govt. had limited control over them.

There were total 565 princely states at the time of the British withdrawal. Most of them annexed with India and some joined Pakistan. So the Kashmir conflict begun when the ruler of Kashmir decided to stay independent as it was the only princely state whose majority of the population were Muslims and the ruler was Hindu (Maharaja Hari Singh). Both the countries tried to lure Maharaja of J&K to annex with them but failed.

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So the authorities in Pakistani Punjab waged a ‘private war’ by obstructing supplies of fuel and essential commodities to the State. This led to violence in the valley between Hindus and Muslim. Pakistan taking the advantage started annexing Kashmir by sending troops and seized some part of Kashmir.

Seeing this, the Maharaja of Kashmir asked for help from Indian govt. to send essential supplies which had been blocked by Pakistan and troops to fight against Pakistan to save their region but India had only one condition “Kashmir, accede with India”.

Maharaja of Kashmir had to join India and as soon the treaty was signed the Indian govt. sent its troops to counter-attack Pakistani army and successfully regained the seized areas.

This was the whole scene behind the Kashmir issue, I tried to keep it as brief as possible because the actual drama was way big and cruelSo the whole of Jammu & Kashmir is part of United India legally with all documentation.

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