Common Battery Myths People Believe

Battery myth

There are lots of battery myths that people believe in. Everyone wants to increase their phone’s battery life because nothing is more frustrating than having a Smartphone whose battery can’t survive a day out and most of the smartphones are suffering from this widespread disease.

Smartphone manufacturers are loading the devices with every possible feature and sensors but sadly not providing enough juice to enjoy it!

Everyone owning a smartphone has experienced this problem and this makes people hunt for a battery saver app or battery saving tricks to make their batteries healthier and long lasting. Today many several myths will be busted, lets kill them one by one.

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Battery Myth: Leaving your phone on charge for all night is bad for your battery?

So many people use the word overcharging for it. And the concept is that if you leave your phone on charge for a while after it is fully charged reduces your battery capacity or even explode.

Now days most of the devices comes with li-on battery, the Myth in this case is that the battery might heat up on overcharging and this might lead to phone explosion.

There is nothing like that in reality the only reason for this concern is if you have a bad designed case that doesn’t allow for the heat dissipation. Other than that feel free to charge away.

Your smartphone is smart enough to handle this overcharging concept, your phone has mechanism to stop drawing power once it hits 100%.

Even your charger has a safety chip to ensure that only required power is delivered to device. Though it is recommended not leave it for long on charge frequently because once it has touched 100% and charging is stopped automatically.

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But your phone loses battery on its own because some apps always run in background and also some power is required to keep the device breathing.

So when battery goes down the phone again starts charging and stops again when it reaches the brim, this is called trickle and with time your battery lifespan gets affected by this.

Battery Myth: Complete discharge before charging

Yes, it is absolutely true but only in the case of nickel-cadmium battery and these batteries are now a thing of past, these batteries forget their capacity if you don’t discharge them completely before charging again.

But li-on batteries are completely different. They have much smarter way to count their charges. It is true that li-on batteries diminish in their capacity with every charge cycle but it doesn’t have a large effect.

As every battery has a fixed charge cycle after that its capacity reduces to some extent for e.g most smartphones battery retains 80% of its original capacity after one year of use. So don’t worry from next time and charge your phone whenever you get time.

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Battery Myth: Always use the official charger of the same brand

It is not a word of GOD to use the manufacturer’s charger for your phone. This is simply a marketing strategy to make profit via selling their accessories. It has nothing to relate with the health of your phone. In most cases a quality third party charger can do the same job for you at very cheap price.

But make sure that you use quality charger of any company with almost same power output as your original charger like if your old charger used to throw 2A current than buy a charger having same or almost same (1.5A-2.5A) power output.

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Mostly all smartphones now days offer charging adapter of output 2A. Always use a fast charging data cable or high speed data cable to ensure fast charging. 

Battery Myth: Never use your phone while charging

This is actually due to fear of uncertainty that using your phone while charging can make your device explode, catch fire etc. etc…but it isn’t really true. But now days some incidents of phone explosions have promoted this myth.

There is no real danger in using your device while charging provided you are not running heavy apps during charging. Because the more your processor works the more heat it generates and doing this while charging supplements the heat generation as charging also produce some heat.

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And having a bad cover case can make things worse as bad designed cover won’t allow proper heat dissipation.

Use your phone while charging but don’t play heavy graphics games or run heavy apps, this may not explode your device but will surely overheat your device which is certainly bad for your phone and battery. Lite use is permissible (browsing, downloading, music, video, chatting).

Battery Myth: Saving battery by killing app or using app killer

The actual concept behind app killer was to make Android run smoother (initially). They don’t actually help in battery saving and they can possibly make thing worse. With new versions Android got lot smarter about how it manages its resources.

By clearing your apps from recent apps to make your device run smoother but it actually make your phone slow and as far as battery is concerned it does improve battery life but only 2% to 5% don’t expect to save hours of battery life.

Battery Myth: By disabling services like Bluetooth and GPS drastically improves battery life

This is another one myth services like Bluetooth, location or sync reduces your battery life. It’s obvious that any service running will consume some battery but only a small fraction like half an hour over the span of whole day.

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If you are really using the services like continuous and by continuous i mean you are actually using the Bluetooth or GPS services not just turning it on not using it, then it will consume some considerable amount of battery juice.

Just keeping these services turned on is like keeping the switch in ON position but no power is being drawn. Don’t worry too much about your device as your device is smarter than you in handling it, that’s why it is called smartphone!

That was all about “Common battery myths people believe”. Do you still have any myth to be busted or any doubt? comment below and let us know!

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