Why storage devices have less space than advertised


why Storage devices have less space

You bought a memory card and after you put it in your device and sadly it is showing less space than what you have in product description. You might also think if you were fooled to buy a fake product or got defective product.

Don’t worry your product is most probably absolutely genuine (only if you have bought it from an authorized store), you are seeing little less space because it is actually less. And why it is less we will explain shortly.

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Why storage devices have less space than advertised

The answer is whether it is fake or original it will show less space no matter what you do. So you can’t decide just by learning that you have less usable space. So what is the reason behind this, where is that extra space has gone?

Storage devices we buy have less space than advertised. Generally we get 7% less space than advertised. In real world we use decimal number system where:

So on…. 


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Whereas computer uses Binary system. Where kilo is 1024, mega is 10242 =1,048,576 , giga is 10243=1,073,741,824 and so on. But not everyone is technical and aaware of the binary system so manufacturers stick to with standard measuring unit in their advertisement i.e. decimal.

This is why we get less space than advertised. Also some space is reserved for software, backups and system files. 

That’s was about “Why storage devices have less space than advertised”. Now you know why your storage devices have less space then advertised. Share with your friends and colleagues and educate them too about this.

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