These are the updated tariff plans of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea

India has the cheapest voice calls and data services in the world! Reliance Jio entered the industry ramping all other operators by offering the cheapest data and voice call plans. Forcing other telecom operators to decrease their prices too.

In this brutal competition, many small telecom operators went out of business like Aircel, Uninor and few more. Even big companies like Vodafone and Idea had to merge to save their existence. Only big names stayed that too in loss.

A few days back Airtel and Vodafone Idea reported a combined loss of 74000 crores which is the highest ever by any Indian telecom operator.

As a result, they had to raise their tariff plans in order to survive and even if they have raised the plan prices, it is still the cheapest in the world!

Long story short, all four major telecom operators in India have increased their prices. The hike in prices is between 30% to 40% and it’s huge! 

The new tariff plan of all operators will be effective from 06 December 2019. You can still recharge on old plans if you recharge before 6 December 2019 i.e. till 5 December.

You may also be wondering to switch to another operator based on price. Below are the updated tariff plans price comparison chart of all four major telecom operators.

Updated plans of all networks (Jio, Airtel, Vodafone & Idea))

**FUP minutes are minutes provided to you to make phone calls outside your telecom operator. That means if you make calls Jio to Jio or Airtel to Airtel then you can talk unlimited but if you make from Jio to Airtel or any other operator then FUP minutes will be deducted. 

After exhausting free FUP minutes you will be charged 6p/min which still okay but you will have to recharge with 10 or 20 rupees to get extra FUP mins.

[Update]- “just 1 day after launching new plans Airtel removed the FUP minutes limit from its unlimited plan. Vodafone Idea following the suite also removed the FUP. Now you can truely talk unlimited to any network without having to recharge your number.”

Here the only thing that I need to explain is the “Active Validity”. This is the amount you will have to recharge per month to keep your connection active.

As you can see here Jio has the most expensive minimum recharge to keep your connection active because Jio only works on 4G there is no 2G or 3G.

Also the Rs. 98 plan gives 2 GB data for the entire month while other operators don’t give any data on their active validity plans, just top up amount, that’s why they are so cheap.

From the above chart, you can easily see that Jio still has cheaper plans than others. I will recommend you to choose the operator that works best in your area.

If you ask my opinion on the price hike then I would say it was indispensable for all telecom operators especially Vodafone and Airtel. As mentioned above, even with this hike we still have the cheapest voice and data plans in the world!

What do you think about the price hike? Let us know in the comment section below.

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