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7 Fun Games to play over text with your friends

play games over text

There are many games you can play over the text with your friends or relatives. Since lockdown has been imposed due to pandemic, people have been leading a monotonous life packed in their houses. We have never imagined that we could get such a long vacation where we can’t step out of our houses. At first, we enjoy our house arrest situation but it becomes pathetic after some time.

People often tend to find some ways to enhance and spice up their regular life. Now, here there can be a long list of works to do at home. Some people engage in cooking, gardening, or some technological advancement. But what is common to all is, one or the other we are all involved in playing some sort of games. It might be indoor or outdoor games.

Though PUBG has another level of crazy fans all over the globe still some people refrain from it. Not all of us are amused by thrill and adventure. We often spend most of the time talking to our friends. Now, talking to friends becomes boring when it is about the same usual topics. Playing games while texting sounds amazing here.

Even your chats can be enhanced and become very interesting. It may sound weird to some people- phone games while texting. But you really need to know about these in detail so that you can give it a try at least once. So here are some fun phone games which you can play while texting.


  1. Never Have I Ever

Most of you would be aware of this game. I personally love this game very much Basically this game is played when you gather with your friends on some trip or vacation. But you can even play this game over text with your friends. You just need to start asking some funny or nasty questions to your friends they will answer if they have done that or not.

never have i ever

You can just add your friends through video conferencing or you may also play it in group chats of different social media sites. Generally, this game is played with alcoholic drinks but you can amend the rules of the game. You may add some sort of punishment instead of drinking alcohol.

Some sort of punishment may be, deducting scores or uploading a funny picture of your friend. Here, the choice is all yours, what do you expect your friend to do if he or she loses. This game may result in a very interesting group chat. You would come close to your friend in terms of knowing each other. Also, you’ll spend some quality time with them.

So I would suggest, you must give it a try with your friends and I ensure that you wouldn’t regret it.


  1. Word Game

This game would be very easy if you are good while dealing with words. Mostly, games require two to three players in general but this game can even be played only with one of your friends. The terms of this game are very simple.

You just have to start the game by writing an English word that starts with A. And then your partner has to tell a word which starts with the end letter of the word which you wrote. You have to carry on this way. Again you’ll have to say a word that starts with the end letter of the word that your friend said.

So you can win this game if you have a good treasure of words in your vocabulary. This would really be interesting and tricky. You have to put on pressure on your mind to recall words. Also, this game would boost up your language skills. This is certainly one of the best games to play over text or in-person to improve your vocabulary.

When you are bored and want to do something productive, you can simply play this game with your friend. And you may play this with more than one friend, the game will continue in a cyclic order.


  1. Know your Song

Now, this sounds interesting, know your song. This game includes pun with some famous songs. In this game you will have to send a short audio clip to your friend of a song and your friend has to recognize it within a certain period of time.

You may keep deadlines according to your comfort, may it be 20 seconds or 30 seconds. You don’t have to send the chorus of the song to your friend else he’ll recognize it easily. You have to send just a music note or a few lines from the beginning or end of the song.

This game will come out to be a packet of amusement. This game will also test your knowledge of songs. Generally, a music lover would win this game but still, everyone can try. Though everyone doesn’t like singing they all like songs definitely. You would really enjoy this game. Also, there is no limitation on the number of players. You can play with as many friends as you want.


  1. Atlas

We have all played this game in our childhood at least once. You can even now play it with your childhood friends who are miles apart and refresh your childhood golden memories. The only difference would be, now you have to play it while texting your friend.

The game is really simple. You have to start the game by writing the name of a place starting with the English alphabet A. Then your friend has to write another word that is also a place name starting with the English alphabet B. You have to continue this until you reach the last alphabet Z.

This game would test your geography skills and so is the name of the game ‘Atlas’. Since Atlas is a book that contains maps and names of places all around the world, so is the name of the game. These games are a sort of academic activity too. It builds up your knowledge harvest.


  1. Add Up a Line

If you like storytelling then this is the best game. In this game, you have to start a story and your friends would complete that. But you don’t have to tell the whole story. You just have to speak one line and your friends would continue it by adding up a line. This is probably one of the best games for creative folks who love cooking random stories.

You will say one line, then your friend will add another line according to him which could suit the situation and then another player would similarly add up another line. The game would continue unless you all have cooked up some interesting story.

This game can really be fun. Just imagine, you starting a story with some line and then your friend adding up to it who has no idea of the story you have to tell. The end of the game would really be funny. The way your story ends is all unknown to you. Just try this game and you will enjoy it a lot.


  1. Speak the truth

This game sounds like truth and dare the only difference is here you just have to say the truth and there is no dare work. In this game, you simply have to ask one question from your friend and he has to answer it honestly.

This game of questioning your friend can really make it very interesting as you can ask anything you wish and know their secrets.  One by one you have to put forward a question and expect a genuine reply from your friends. Through this game you can also tease your friends on many accounts of truth he just spoke.

This game can also be considered as Truth and Dare lite version. Try this game while texting and enjoy the fun and happy aura.


  1. Emoji Fight

This really sounds very interesting. This is one of my personal favorites. When you don’t have anything to chat about or you are just experiencing boredom then just start playing emoticon fight with your friend.

This game is very amusing and fun. You just have to reply to an emoji with another emoji in order and sync. It examines your creativity at using emoticons along with texts. Simple texting becomes boring for the person to read. You might even have seen chat screenshots where people have just communicated using emojis and everyone is guessing what they are talking about. 

If you wisely use emoticons in your chat, it makes it interesting stuff. So this game will ensure that you are skilled at texting and using emoticons. This is one of the most popular games for youngsters to play over text.

These were some of the interesting games that you can play over the text with your friends. In the era of advanced technological games, these small games can even prove to be very fun. Do try these games with your friends in this pandemic and spread some happiness.

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