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Best Ad blocker for chrome: FREE Extensions to block Ads in Chrome

Best ad blocker for chrome, firefox - Adblock

Let’s begin our quest for the best ad blocker for chrome PC and here we have a surprise! Though we have mentioned chrome specifically but the below mentioned extensions are also available for other popular browsers like Firefox and Safari. Sometimes Ads are really annoying, they cover most part of the screen and that’s not really good.

They cover the content you were looking for with flashy ads and extremely irritating popup ads. These types of ads are called intrusive ads and they are meant for only generating revenue and not caring about the readers/visitors.

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We agree that Ads are our bread and butter and for our websites as well. A balance is must, how you place the ads so both the parties enjoy their side. So, today I will discuss about some popular ad blockers and I will tell you the best ad blocker for chrome to block all ads on the widely used chrome browser and other popular web browsers.

Do you guys know how am I feeling while writing this blog? It’s like digging my own grave because I too rely on ads for my bread and butter. But we at NewtonBaba use ads wisely without being intrusive or obscuring the article. So, do support and cherish us!

6 FREE Best Ad blockers for chrome

Let’s discuss the FREE and best ad blockers for chrome one by one and which one you should be using to eradicate those intrusive ads.


Your answer to the best ad blocker for chrome is here, undoubtedly the most popular and widely used ad blocker ever. AdBlock for chrome extension has been downloaded for more than 10+ Million downloads with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5! So you can’t doubt the credibility of this incredible ad blocker.  It is also available for Firefox, Safari and Opera, in case you don’t use chrome.

AdBlock - The best ad blocker for chrome, Firefox and Safari

AdBlock blocks all types of ads like banner ads, social media websites ads, Ads on YouTube website, auto playing video ads and also those annoying pop-up ads. The best part, it can block or skip un-skippable ads in YouTube videos or Facebook videos!

You can blocks ads completely or partially or you can only allow ads on your favorite website or the sites which abide by the good ad placement and policy so they continue to operate. By the way do we come into your favorite website list? If you are new then what do you think about our ad placements, do let us know in the comment section below.

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You can also allow certain ads which meet the set requirement or in short allow good ads. Just install this chrome extension and control what ads you see and what not. This is our choice for the best ad blocker for chrome and if you want to check-out other options then continue with the article.

Adblock Plus

This Ad blocker for chrome is also available for Firefox and Safari and has been downloaded for more than 10+ million times on chrome alone. Adblock Plus allows you to take full control and decide what ads you want to see and what not.

You can block all types of ads like Popups, video, ads on social media websites like Facebook and more. You can even choose which websites can display ads and block websites which show too many ads or are follow intrusive ad method.


Ghostery is one of the best ad blocker for chrome and other major web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Edge and few more. Like others it also blocks all type of ads and is available for free. The company earns by tracking your browsing history and then making the data anonymous and sells it to third parties. This is actually good method till they are honest but if you have any doubt or trust issues then you can opt out of this and your data won’t be shared with anyone!


Another popular ad blocker for chrome which has been trusted by more than 6+ million users on chrome alone. AdGuard is able to effectively block all types of ads across all websites including YouTube and Facebook. It is very effective in blocking popup ads and pop-under ads without compromising. It not only blocks ads but also protect your PC from downloading malicious software like adware, malware, dialers and few more.

One of their claims which helped them get more attention in its early days was that it improves the website loading time and gives smooth user experience. AdGuard is available for all major browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge and more.

Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin Ad blocker for chrome

This is another free ad blocker for chrome and it never slows down your system. Needless to say, it also blocks all types of intrusive ads and it also has features to protect your system from malwares and other privacy concerns. Similar to other ad blockers for chrome you can whitelist websites which follow good ad placement without being intrusive or covering the content you are looking for.

Ad Blocker ultimate

This popular ad blocker is open source and nonprofit project. It blocks all types of ads and trackers which collect your browsing history or pattern. It blocks domain which are known to spread malwares or not safe for browsing with an option to remove the restrictions from any website you want. This ad blocker is available for chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Yandex also.

Note – Some of the extensions may allow some ads to appear. If they fall under acceptable ads in order to support bloggers, so they continue to work and operate freely.

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These were some most popular ad blockers out of which our best ad blocker for chrome and other popular web browsers is Adblock. Let us know what your experience was after installing any of the extensions mentioned above. If you found this blog useful do share it with your friends so they can also implement the methods and take the bread out of our mouth! (Just kidding) Do support the websites which follow a healthy ad policy and place ads without being intrusive.

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