How to Unblock Websites : 5 FREE methods to access blocked websites

how to unblock websites at school and colleges

This is a huge problem for almost everyone and especially for school and college going students. You open your Facebook only to find that it has been blocked by your school/college and it just pisses you off, isn’t it? I can understand the pain and frustration, which is why I am here with a new article on how to unblock websites.

Generally schools and colleges (sometimes at office also) block social media sites, movies websites and other unnecessary websites which divert students mind from studies. But don’t worry pals we have plenty of ways to bypass that restriction or access those blocked websites.

Even I faced this issue during my college days but I was lucky to know few methods to unblock websites. I am going to teach you the same methods to unblock the blocked websites which still works along with some additional methods. Let’s now directly jump to the solutions and learn how to unblock websites using various methods.

How to unblock websites: 5 FREE methods

Use VPN services to unblock websites

A VPN stands for Virtual Private network. VPN is a very smart method to secure your connection. You connect to the server and the VPN server encrypt your connection and then you browse internet through that server. Lets understand this in layman’s language, suppose you want a product and that product is only available at one shop. But that shopkeeper doesn’t give you that product for some reasons, so to get that product you ask your friend to buy that thing for you. Now your friend goes to the shopkeeper and buys the product and then he/she gives it to you. Got the point?

In everyone’s eyes its your friend who bought the product but in reality you were the real consumer. The proxy service also works in the same way but unlike VPN there is no encryption process in proxy. This method is highly recommended to unblock websites while maintaining both privacy and security.

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You can use below free VPNs to unblock blocked websites. Just download and install the VPN app and tap the connect/start button.

Psiphon PRO [(Android|iOS) (Windows)] (Highly recommended)




Use Proxy Websites to access blocked websites

Let me clear one thing first if privacy is your first priority then the first VPN method is best for you as proxy websites don’t offer much security and privacy. The best part of proxy websites is you don’t need to install or download anything. Just visit any proxy website online from below options then enter the URL of the blocked website then hit enter and you are done! Using proxy is the easiest method to bypass restrictions on websites.

We have got you some great proxy websites to access blocked websites. You can use below proxy websites:


Hidemyass (I love the domain name! don’t you?)



Use free extensions to unblock websites

There are many chrome extensions available to unblock websites. You just need to install anyone of these browsers and you are done. You can use extensions like:





and many more.

Install Portable Firefox on pendrive

This method is good if the IT department has also restricted you from installing any type of extensions. You can download Portable Firefox and install it on a pendrive. Now whenever you find restrictions just plug the USB and run the browser directly from the pendrive.

Use Google translate

This is one of the oldest trick to use and it involves accessing the blocked website through Google translate. Just head to the Google translate and enter the URL of the blocked website and click the translated link to access it.

So, this is our best 5 methods to unblock websites or access blocked/restricted websites. Use any of the above methods (first 2 methods are highly recommended) to access blocked websites in your school/college or at your office.

Did we teach you something new today? Do you know any other method(s)? Let us know in the comment section below. And one more thing if this article was useful to you then we believe that it will be useful to your friends also. Share it with your group especially if you are school/college going. Cheers!

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