Send a self-destructing secret message on messenger

You know the coolest thing I ever watched as a kid? The self-destructing message I watched in Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie. I always fantasized of communicating like this with my friends. Technology is getting interesting every day; the way we communicate is also changing. Sometimes ago I myself learned and taught you guys how to send self-destructing email from Gmail. Now I am here with similar tutorial but for Facebook. Let’s see how you can send a self-destructing secret message on Facebook messenger.

Like the email, it is not only self-destructing but secret too. What I mean by secret? Secret means no one can read those messages, not even Facebook (Really Facebook?) as they are end to end encrypted. This feature lets you set a timer with the secret message. As soon the recipient opens the message, the timer starts and the message gets deleted after the set timer.

Note*- This feature is only available in the messenger app and not on desktop or website. So to discuss your million dollar plan secretly, you will need the Facebook messenger app.

How to send a self-destructing secret message on messenger

Steps to send a secret message on messenger

Steps to send a secret message on Facebook messenger

  • Install the Facebook messenger if not installed.
  • Open messenger
  • Open the contact whom you want to send the secret message.
  • Now click on the “i” button at top right.
  • Select secret conversation
  • Click on the timer icon inside the typing box and set the timer (Optional).
  • Type your message and send the message.

Isn’t it simple? Once you get into the secret conversation, you will see the chat theme turns to black. If you set the timer, the message will get self-destructed after the set timer. It is not mandatory to set the timer; you can send it as it is.

Though Facebook calls it “secret message” or message that gets destroyed on its own. But still the recipient can take screenshots of your message and Facebook doesn’t protect you from this. And yes, they still call it SECRET Message!

That was all I had about how you can send secret self-destructing message on messenger. Use this feature to chat with your buddy and create the master plan of how you can rob the bank! And yes, even Facebook can’t read those messages (Privacy level 9999)!

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