How to block devices from your WiFi network?

Stop wifi stealing

If you are experiencing slow WiFi for a while then chances are someone or maybe your neighbors are stealing your WiFi. The good thing is you can easily catch the culprit(s) and block him/her. In this article, I will show you how you can block devices from your WiFi network.

Multiple WiFi networks in close range can also cause speed issues. This can deteriorate your WiFi speed but you can easily fix slow WiFi issue.

How to identify strangers on your WiFi (Basic)

We will discuss a few methods to identify and block thief devices from WiFi. Let’s first discuss the basic method first.

Basic method: Have you seen those green lights on the WiFi router which keeps blinking? They keep blinking if any device is using your WiFi and stays on without flickering if no device is connected to WiFi. First disconnect all devices connected to the WiFi i.e. phones, TVs, gaming console, smart lights, laptops, etc. anything which has WiFi connectivity.

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Once you are sure that no known device is connected to the WiFi then check the router’s light. If it’s still blinking rapidly then there is a high chance that you have an intruder in your network. Now you have an idea of an uninvited visitor on your network.

How to block a device from your WiFi network

Your router knows everyone who is connected to it and we will use this to catch the stealing persons. Follow the below steps to stop WiFi stealing.

Note- Placements of settings and menu are different for different manufacturers but it will be there.

  • Visit the router admin panel by entering the IP address or (list of default router addresses) in the browser.
  • Enter the administrator user name and password. If you don’t know check the router box or back of the router or Google it for your brand.
  • Once you are inside the router admin panel, look for menu or options “Active clients”, “Attached devices”, “Connected devices” something similar. Here is a screenshot of devices connected to my WiFi.

Block unknown devices from WiFi

  • Now, identify the devices you don’t own or you think is the WiFi thief. Copy the MAC address mentioned next to the device name.
  • Now search for “Settings” or “Advanced settings” or “MAC filtering” or anything which gives a hint of blocking a device.
  • Enter the MAC address in the field and name it (If there is an option) then click on save.

Another step you must take is, change your WiFi password and set a stronger and unique password. You can also disable SSID broadcasting which will hide your WiFi from being detected by stranger devices. Most probably you will find an option under wireless just disable SSID broadcasting and no one can search your WiFi.

disable SSID and change password of wifi

Note – Before you disable SSID broadcasting; write down your WiFi name (SSID), password and security type whether it’s WEP or WAP2 or anything. After you click save all the devices connected to the WiFi will be disconnected and then you need to manually add.

Users will have to manually add the WiFi from their devices to use the WiFi. This will greatly increase the security of your WiFi network.

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Use better security encryption

Set the security type to WAP2 (never select WEP) and you can find this setting under wireless or something similar as all routers have different UI.  

Android and iOS app to identify and block devices from WiFi

Personally I tried more than 7 apps but none of them worked on my LG G6. Reviews of all the apps which I tested were positive but unfortunately didn’t work for me. As thousands of users given good reviews about them, I am going to list some of them and you can try if they work for you.

These are some apps which have more 4+ rating and most positive reviews. You can try one by one and see if you can use any of the apps to block devices from your WiFi.

Lastly, I would still recommend you to change your password and SSID then doing anything else. This will kick out everyone out of the WiFi network and all users will have to sign in again.

That’s all we had on how to block devices from your WiFi network. If you get stuck anywhere through the process let us know below in the comment section.

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