How to recover deleted photos from Android [FREE]

recover deleted photos from android

We all have deleted some important photos once in our lives. It can be a single photo, photos, a folder of photos or even if you recently reset or factory reset your device. You can get your photos, videos or any other file back if not all you will able to get back most of them. This happened to me recently and that is the reason why I am writing this tutorial. So, let’s see how you can recover deleted photos on Android for FREE!

There are many professional tools available to restore any deleted files. Recovering lost data on Windows or Mac is relatively easy than recovering lost data on Android.

How the recovery of deleted photos or files work?

I know you guys must be interested in knowing how we can actually recover or restore a deleted photo or file back? Let me put this in the most simple way possible. When you generate or download any type of data on your storage device you reserve the space used by that file. No one can replace that part of the storage and only the empty part will be used by future files.

But when you delete a photo or any file you don’t actually delete that file but the path to that file. Only the path to access that file is deleted and your file is still there intact. After deleting any file you actually allow new data to replace that part of the storage which earlier held the previous file. Unless new data has replaced the old data your file is still there.

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That is why it is advised not to download or generate any new data on the storage device if you really want to restore that photo(s). If the deleted part has been replaced then even the most advanced recovery tools won’t be able to recover your files.

*Note*– In order to recover files from internal storage the app must be given root privileges to scan the entire ROM. Android doesn’t allow any app to access its root files as it is against their privacy policy. You can recover files in the original format and size only if you have a rooted phone.

How to recover deleted photos on Android without root

Now let’s jump to the actual process, what tools and steps help you recover your deleted photo or photos.

diskdigger app

  • Download the DiskDigger app from PlayStore.
  • Open the app and you will see two options, Basic scan, and Deep scan.
  • The basic scan will give low-resolution thumbnails of your deleted photos so focus on Deep scan. It can take a while to complete.
  • Once the scan starts you will see your photos in thumbnails. Click on images you want to restore and then click on recover on top of the screen.
  • On the next screen, it will ask you to save the image either on a cloud or a local device. Choose accordingly.

Note – The Deep scan feature in the app only works if you have a rooted phone. A rooted phone with the pro version of the app will give you the high-resolution images in the original format.

That’s it. You may not always find all the deleted photos as some might have been overwritten or corrupted.

Alternate app for Diskdigger

Another popular app for photo recovery is FindMyPhoto. This app is similar to diskdigger and works fine, the UI and process are extremely simple. Install and open the app and click on “Tap to scan” and this will show all the deleted and photos on your internal device. Select which photos you want to recover and click on recover.

How to restore deleted pictures from Android Tablet

You can recover deleted photos from your Android tablet using the same above steps. You don’t need to do any extra steps, on-screen instructions can vary slightly. Android is Android, it doesn’t matter which device it is present on.

How to not lose photos in the future: 3 methods

Method #1: Install a trash bin (Recycle bin)


Some phones have a trash bin similar to the recycle bin in windows which keeps all accidentally deleted photos and files. Even if your phone doesn’t have a trash bin you can get a free trash bin from PlayStore. From next time if you accidentally delete your photos or videos it will go to the trash bin and if you want you can always restore it.

Recycle master app will keep your deleted apps, images, or any other files in the trash folder organized according to category. You can restore any deleted files from the app and if you don’t want then you can always go in the trash bin and permanently delete it from there.

Method #2: Google photos

You struggled a lot just to recover the photos and now we will make sure that this doesn’t happen again. The best way is to backup your photos to Google photos which will automatically backup all your photos to the cloud. Use your Gmail id to sign up for Google photos and set your sync timing and other settings to auto back up your images.

Here is a catch; there are two options to backup your photos to Google photos. One is to backup your photos in original size and quality but the storage limit is capped to 15 GB or you can backup unlimited photos but the resolution of images will be reduced a bit. You will hardly notice any difference in quality.

Method #3: Backup photos to Flickr

You can even backup your photos to Flickr which allows you to upload up to 1000 images and videos in original quality. If you are uploading your personal pics make sure you mark all your images as private. This will ensure that your pictures will not be shown to anyone.

Though all the above methods are good but having a backup of your android is absolutely necessary.

This is all we had on how to recover deleted photos on Android and how to save yourself from such accidental deletes. If you know any other apps that you have used to recover deleted files or photos then tell us in the comment section below.  

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