How to take Screenshot on laptop (Windows & MAC OS)

take screenshot on laptop

How to take screenshot on laptop? This may sound very basic for many users because most people are aware of this. Still the annual search report has revealed that this tutorial is searched every year without any significant drop in search volume each year.

Screenshot tool is very important in our day to day life. It works as a proof or evidence. Basically what it does is it captures the current screen of your desktop in whole or in partial. It is such an important tool that not only general public but it is also widely used in corporate world. Suppose any error occurs in software or PC then how will you explain the error to the software provider or to your IT support team?

Taking screenshot on Android phone is quite easy as most smartphones provide screenshot tool. You can take screenshot by swiping down with two fingers, simultaneously pressing the volume down and home button or you can find an option in the notification bar to take screenshot.

How to take screenshot on laptop

You can easily take screenshot in laptop or PC but it’s not as easy as on any smartphone. But still it will get our work done in no time.

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Steps to capture the screen on laptop (Windows):

Press the PRTSCN button from the keyboard; this will capture the entire screen. Now open MS-Paint and press CTRL+V. Now you have the screenshot of the screen. Save the file. If the PRTSCN key doesn’t capture the screen then try Fn+PRTSCN or CTRL+PRTSCN and then paste it in MS-Paint.

Always remember that pressing the PRTSCN key will only copy the screen to the clipboard and we have to manually paste it in any image editing tool like MS-Paint and then save the file.

Steps to take screenshot of specific area of laptop (Windows):

This feature is only available in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. You can locate the tool by going to start menu then type snipping tool in the search box. Select the snipping tool option from the search result. You can also navigate to Start> All Programs> Windows Accessories> Snipping Tool.

Now you just have to select any area of the screen by pressing the left click and covering the area you need the screenshot of. You can directly save screenshot right from there.

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How to take screenshot in Asus laptop?

Taking screenshot on Asus laptop is a tad different but you can still use the PRTSCN method to save screenshot. You can take screenshot by pressing the Windows Key + PRTSCN key together. This will dim your display light for a while to indicate that you have just captured the screen. This screenshot will automatically get saved in Pictures>Screenshots.

Steps to take Screenshot on Mac OS:

Like windows, apple has also provided two ways to capture the screen. Firstly we will learn to take screenshot of the entire screen. We do that by pressing the “Command + Shift + 3”. Entire screen will be captured and saved to desktop in PNG format.

Second way to take screenshot, it allows you to capture specific area of the screen. Press “Command + Shift + 4”. Now press the mouse or touchpad button and select the area you want to capture. Once you have done that release the mouse or touchpad button, this will automatically save the file on desktop as PNG file.

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In the end we think this feature must be improved to work quickly and capture screen with just a press of key and save it automatically at some location. This was about “How to take screenshot on laptop”. There is extremely less chances of failing to take screenshot but still if need help we are always open to your queries or doubts. Feel free to comment below whatever you feel. Have a great day!

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