How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp

How to enable dark mode in Whatsapp

Dark mode in Whatsapp was making rounds in the news for quite some time. I don’t understand what high tech piece of tech goes in making a dark mode for any app. Anyways it’s here and the sad part is it’s currently in the beta version. 

In short, that means the feature is currently in development mode and the feature has been made available to only a handful of users who have participated in WhatsApp beta testing. All the new features are first thrown to beta testers and then based on the feedback all the bugs are fixed and made available to all.

How to get dark mode now?

Not everyone is part of the beta testing program so how can someone enable dark mode until the official release?

You need to first download the beta version from here. You will not lose any data after upgrading the app but still, it’s better to take a backup before making any changes. Though I installed the beta version without taking any backup and everything was good. Now install the beta version and follow the below steps to enable dark mode in Whatsapp.

dark mode in whatsapp

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on Menu (three vertical dots in the top right).
  3. Tap on settings.
  4. Click on chats.
  5. Choose themes.
  6. Now select Dark.

That’s it! You will see the interface switching to dark.

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How to enable dark mode without installing the beta version?

Are you feeling scared of installing an APK from an unknown source? If yes, then you probably wouldn’t have liked the above method. If your device is running on Android 10 then you can enable dark mode in WhatsApp without installing the beta version APK or be the part of beta testing.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Enable native dark theme (Settings> Display> Theme> Dark)
  2. Enable developer options (About Phone> Tap on build number 7 times rapidly).
  3. Open developer Options (Settings> System> Advanced> Developer options OR directly search developer options in the settings search bar).
  4. Scroll down to find Override force-dark and toggle it on.

As mentioned above this method is only for users having Android 10. This will force all apps to use dark theme background and this will also work for WhatsApp too. Still, the app feature of the dark mode is better than forcing dark themes on all apps. 

The above settings only invert the color but the native dark mode feature of apps still gives the best visual appearance than the forced dark mode.

Generally, the official version is released within three to four weeks after the beta release. If you can wait a few more days then it’s okay but if you are impatient like me then I have already got the tutorial covered.

Do you like the dark mode in WhatsApp or prefer the default light theme? Personally I prefer dark mode at night and light theme during the daytime.

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