How to block programs from accessing the internet in Windows

A few days back I installed a cracked software but somehow it connected to the internet. Now that software has been updated with the legitimate copy and I have lost the premium features. Most people use a cracked version of Adobe Photoshop for editing photos. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help as some software programs are too expensive to buy.

This was my reason to block that software from accessing the internet. Yours may be different and in today’s article, I will show how you can block particular programs from accessing the internet in Windows 7 & 10.

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You can block any software or program(s) from gaining internet access in Windows. You might have heard about the Windows firewall, we will use this service to block programs from the internet.

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How to block programs from accessing the internet in Windows 7,8 & 10

  • Type Firewall in the search bar and click on firewall & network protection.

Open firewall settings on windows 10

  • You will see the Firewall main screen. Scroll a bit and click on Advanced Settings.

  • In advanced settings, click on the Outbound Rules from the left column.
  • Now click on the New Rule.. in the right column and new window will pop up.

Use Firewall to block programs from Internet

  • Select Program and click on Next.

Block programs in Windows

  • In the next screen you will be presented with two options, click on All Programs if you want to block all programs and software or click on This program path to block a specific program. Browse the path of that program and click on Next.

Browse program to block internet connection

  • Now select Block the connection and click on Next.

  • In the next screen select all the boxes Domain, Private and Public and click on Next.

Check all boxes

  • Now give a name to the rule and click on Finish.

Name the rule of blocked software

  • Lastly, you will be taken back to Advanced Outbound Windows Firewall Settings

You will find your blocked program under Outbound rules with a block symbol on it. You can follow the exact same steps to block other programs. Or you can right-click on the blocked program and click on copy and then again right click and click on paste. This will create a copy of the existing rule of the blocked program.

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Now we will just edit the copied rule and replace the program with a new program. Right-click on the copied rule and click on properties. Now click on the Program and services tab and browse the program you want to block and then rename the rule under the general tab and then click on Apply and then Ok.

How to block a Program in Windows 7

The procedure is almost the same, open the control panel and set view by as large icons and look for Windows Firewall and click on it. On the left side, Advanced settings will be there click on it and now follow the exact same procedure from point 2 in the above-mentioned steps.

block programs from the internet

This way you can prevent your cracked software and other programs from accessing the internet. This was all we had on how you can block software and programs from accessing the internet. Feel free to ask if you have any queries in the comment section below.

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