3 Easy ways to post on Instagram from Laptop or PC

Nobody knows why Instagram doesn’t allow you to post from laptop or PC. I felt this need when I came back from a tour with lots of pictures and memories in DSLR. I copied them in my laptop and logged in to Instagram only to find that the sh*t doesn’t allow posting of pictures, videos or anything from laptop. This pissed me so off that I abused them on twitter but as expected got no response. So, I learned few easy ways to post on Instagram from Laptop.

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3 Easy ways to post on Instagram from Laptop

The first method is extremely easy and doesn’t require any software or applications. You just need a browser, any browser will work. But here I will show you this on chrome, Firefox and Safari as these are the most popular browser. Just follow the below steps carefully.

Steps to post on Instagram from Laptop using Chrome browser

  • Open chrome browser
  • Visit Instagram website and login
  • Now press F12 or Ctrl+shift+I or Go to browser options (3 vertical dots at top right)> More tools> Developer tools.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+M or click on Toggle device toolbar (Check below image).

Post on Instagram from lptop - chrome browser

  • Now set Pixel 2 XL or iPhone in Responsive drop down option (Check above image).
  • Finally refresh the page or press F5 button without closing developer tools.
  • Now you have a proper mobile interface of the Instagram.

Click on the "+" button to post on Instagram

  • Click on the “+” button at bottom center to add your pictures.

That’s it! Now you have fully functional mobile interface of Instagram on your laptop or PC. I tried closing the developer mode to see if it still works or not. It works! You can only upload photos and use Instagram in mobile interface BUT do not refresh the page. As soon as you refresh the page the interface will change to desktop version.

Note- You can only post .jpg images and no videos.

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I would recommend you to use Instagram with developer mode on.

Free Chrome extension to post on Instagram from laptop

There is also a chrome extension which works great. You just have to download it from web store and that’s it. It provides a better and clean interface to post on Instagram from laptop or PC browser.

  • Go to extension page.
  • Click on “Add to chrome”.
  • Now you will see the Instagram icon at top right.
  • Click on the Instagram icon and it will open in new tab
  • Allow the permission it asks.

Chrome extension for Instagram on Laptop

  • Now click on “Click here to open Instagram”.

This will open the Instagram in a new window or in the same window with all the features you normally see on smartphone.

Chrome extension running Instagram as if on App

Now let’s see how you can post from Firefox browser.

Steps to post on Instagram using Firefox browser in laptop

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Visit Instagram website
  • Now press Ctrl+Shift+C or F12 or Go to Menu (3 horizontal line at top right)> Web developer> Inspector.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots on Inspector tool and make sure it is “Dock to Right”.

Post on Instagram from Firefox browser

  • Now press Ctrl+Shift+M and choose any iPhone model from Responsive drop down option located just above the Instagram interface.
  • Press F5 or refresh the page.
  • Now you will see the interface changed to smartphone UI.

As the interface has changed to smartphone UI, I don’t really think have to tell you anything further. Now let’s quickly see how you can do the same from Mac.

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Steps to post on Instagram from Safari Mac

  • Open safari browser
  • Choose Safari > Preferences > Advanced > click on “Show Develop menu in menu bar” at bottom.
  • Visit Instagram website
  • Click on develop on top bar > User Agent > Safari – iOS – iPhone.

This will show websites as it will be shown on iPhone making it possible to post on Instagram from laptop.

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These were some easy hacks or ways to post on Instagram from laptop or PC. But there is catch, though you can access every feature you get on smartphone but you can only post .jpg photos only. No videos nothing else, at least we can post photos, something is always better than nothing. Now don’t be selfish, share it with your friends so they can enjoy this hack too.

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