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FREE Disposable email address for Account verification

Spam emails are the biggest reason to not disclose your email address to any untrusted website or service. Disclosing your email to a less credible website can result in considerable spam emails to your inbox each day. Disposable email address is a big help in these types of situations. You can use these temporary or disposable addresses for any account verification for free. There are many online services which provide temporary email addresses and we will list some best of them.

**Make one thing sure that you only use these disposable email addresses when you are sure that you won’t be reading any mails. Don’t use Disposable email address at important places like for banking, in professional or corporate world.

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7 FREE Disposable email Address Service Providers

Guerrilla Mail

disposable email address by Guerrillamail

The reason for keeping Guerrilla Mail on first position is firstly it doesn’t ask for any personal information to start using their services. Secondly most of the disposable email address providers only have receiving service which means you can only receive emails. But guerrilla mail gives you both options to send and receive emails. You can even attach a file of up to 150MB which is adequate for almost every user.

It also offers you multiple domain extensions to choose from. The best part you can set your custom made email address (not the extension part). The emails are only kept for an hour after that it gets auto deleted. This is our first choice for temporary email address to send and receive emails or for account verification.


Disposable email address by Nada

Nada is very user friendly and requires no sign up drama or personal information. Initially you are allocated a random disposable email address but you can always create your own by clicking on “Add Inbox”. You also get many different extensions like,, many more. You can create multiple email addresses and emails will be shown in particular email address inbox not at common place.

Temp Mail

Tempmail disposable email Interface

This is another popular free disposable email service provider which doesn’t require any sign up or personal information. It is also a receive only service which can only receive emails but can’t send. We found multiple services sounding similar to temp mail and we tried all and surprisingly all worked fine. You can try other temp mail versions which are:




Disposable email address by Yopmail

It is a public disposable email service which means two or more people can use the same email address. All users using the same email address can read each other’s email. But the good thing is you can choose your choice of email address (extension is fixed You can even send emails to other yopmail addresses only. Just enter the email of your choice on homepage and click on “check inbox”.

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temporary email address by Throwawaymail

This is another brilliant service which is just amazing and user friendly. Again this is also an one way email i.e. you can only receive emails and requires no personal info to use it. The disposable email address allocated to you stays for 48 hours (2 days) but can be extended by visiting the website again. If you visit the website again within 48 hours then your time limit is extended by another 48 hours.


temporary email address by maildop

We have another popular free public disposable email address provider which doesn’t ask for any personal information. Just visit the website and start using it, Maildrop also gives you freedom to choose your choice of email address. You can create as much temporary email address as you want but again this is also a receiving service only.

10 Minute Mail

10 minute mail free disposable email address

This is another receive only service and as the name suggest, the assigned disposable email address is auto scraped after 10 minutes. Although you can extend the timer to get additional 10 minutes as many times you want by clicking on the refresh icon. This service is good if you want to try any new service without revealing your real email address. This service also doesn’t ask for your personal information to use their services and is reliable in terms of privacy also.

There is another service too with same name which works equally well. You can check it out as well- 10 Minute mail.

These are our 7 best tried and tested free disposable email address providers. Although there are many services but we only included which are completely free with no user information required at any stage. All work equally good, don’t think 10 minute mail placed at the last position is any less than other services. Guerrilla mail is an exception in the list as it also offer sending emails feature which is great.

Did we miss any popular service which you use? If Yes, then let’s know in the comment section below. One last thing if you liked our content then do share the article with your friends as this motivates us to do better.

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