How to send anonymous email for free

Send anonymous email for free

Have you ever felt the need to send an anonymous email for free to someone? Maybe you want to tease your best friend or express your love or even share confidential data so nothing can be tracked back. Not even FBI, RAW or your government can track you. Genuine reasons can be many but whenever a teenager searches for this, he/she will do something notorious for sure!

We will be going to set up a totally anonymous email account with almost no tracking possible. Now don’t think that just encrypting the mail will make you anonymous. It will only scramble your message and make it unreadable but won’t hide your identity as the receiver can easily see which account sent it.

Here we just won’t be using disposable emails to send free anonymous email, of course, it will make you invisible but your IP and other details will always be accessible. To completely hide your identity we will be using other services too like VPN.

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Steps to send an anonymous email free

As already mentioned this article will completely make you anonymous as we will be using every possible service to conceal our identity.

#1. The VPN Game

This is a very important step to send an free anonymous email. Let’s start with the basics of VPN; firstly it stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN). It sends your data through an encrypted secure tunnel to ensure your privacy. It also hides you from your ISP data analysis. Another amazing work it does is, it hides your IP and assigns you some random place or your selected location IP i.e. I can appear to have the IP address of some other country than my own country.

Now you want a VPN, there are plenty of free and paid VPNs in the market. Google this and you will get a lot of options to choose from.

#2. A more secure browser

We have the two most widely used browsers; Chrome and Firefox and they do offer a bit secure mode to browse. Chrome offers ‘Incognito window’ and Firefox offers ‘Private Window’. The problem is they don’t actually add any significant value to your privacy or security. They only disable saving browsing history nothing much. 

Your IP address can still be tracked and on top of that, your ISP can still see what you are browsing. Why not use a browser which has been designed and developed for online privacy and security and at the same time keeps you anonymous online all the time. Among all Tor is the most popular browser for privacy and security. Tor browser never communicates directly with the destination; it keeps you anonymous by sending your request through several anonymous servers before reaching the destination.

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The strategy was developed by the United States Naval Research Laboratory for secure US intelligence communications.

#3. Now use anonymous email

As we have manipulated our IP and have gained a secure encrypted tunnel to communicate now our goal is to send the anonymous email. Now don’t directly get into your regular mail like Gmail or Hotmail. We will be using temporary or disposable mail IDs which get destroyed after a while of sending the email. There are many such services available, so we will be using some of the best privacy providers.

Best Anonymous email providers

  1. GuerrilaMail: GuerrilaMail offers self-destructible, disposable, temporary email address. You can send free anonymous email to anyone without providing any personal detail. It’s FREE!
  2. 5ymail: This is another service which requires no personal details to send anonymous emails for free. It has lots of features and options to choose from. Make sure you don’t miss anything while sending anonymous emails. You even get login credential to follow up replies. It comes with both premium and FREE versions.

I personally tested the above two and found it working without providing your personal information. I also tried several other providers like- W3 Anonymous Remailer, AnonEmail, Send Anonymous Email, CyberAtlantis and many more but none of them were working.

If you don’t want to send emails and just want to receive, you can again get some disposable email addresses like-

TempMail: It is widely used by people to verify accounts which only require an email address. It just works great!

Many sites have created long lists of providers and when I started testing them one by one most of them are not working now.

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This was all about ‘how to send anonymous email for free’. If you face any problem then do let us know in the comment section below, we are super quick in giving a reply!

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