How to predict traffic in Google maps  for Android, iOS and Desktop

Yes, you read it right! You can actually predict traffic in Google maps in advance and also know the estimated fare to your destination. Traffic prediction is one of the most useful features of Google maps especially for daily commuters and for others too. This particular feature helps you plan your journey accordingly. Another good feature of Google maps is its fare estimation (more on this at the end); this is extremely useful for tourists who don’t want to get fooled by local taxi drivers who mostly overcharge foreign tourists.

Traffic prediction was long available on desktop version. But due to exponential increase in number of smartphone users in recent years, Google included this feature on Android too. Earlier we covered the topic how Google maps know real time traffic condition and this time we will see how you can predict traffic in Google maps. We will cover this method on all versions of Google maps i.e.  Android, iOS and desktop version. Now let’s get started!

Follow the below steps to predict traffic on Google maps on Android

  • Open Google maps app.
  • Tap on the directions button.
  • Enter the starting point and destination place.

traffic prediction preview setting

  • Now tap on the three vertical dots on top right.
  • Select the option “set depart & arrive time”.
  • Set the departure and arrival time and tap on Set.

Setting to predict traffic

Now Google maps will generate the route with traffic prediction of that time. This prediction is based on the previous data on that route at the same time.

Steps to predict traffic on Desktop version of Google maps

Google maps for desktop

  • Open Google maps
  • Click on the directions button
  • Enter the starting and destination point
  • Now click on Leave now drop down option
  • Tap on Depart at option to set your leaving time.
  • That’s it! You will see the estimated travel time of that hour and traffic conditions.

Very few people use the desktop version to predict the future traffic for obvious reasons.

Google loves keeping few functionalities within their territory, that is why having same Google maps app on iOS doesn’t give you the traffic prediction feature. It’s sad, I know but Google maps on iOS does gives you option to set advanced reminder on Google maps. Let’s see how?

How to set a reminder in Google maps on iOS

  • Open Google maps on iPhone
  • Tap on the direction button
  • Enter starting and destination point and generate a route map
  • Now tap on the three horizontal dots on top right and select Set a reminder to leave
  • Set your departure and arrival time and date and tap on Set reminder.

That’s it.

One to thing to keep in mind is that these predictions are not always accurate as told earlier. Google relies on past data records which most of the times is accurate. But undesired events can always occur like accidents, constructions or diversion due to any reason. Apart from these inevitable situations Google maps is pretty accurate.

Oh wait! Initially we discussed about fare estimation in Google maps, let’s discuss that without delaying.

How to know estimated fare in Google maps

  • Open Google maps on your phone
  • Tap on directions and enter your starting and destination place
  • Now tap on public transport and scroll a bit to see fare estimate by Uber and Ola (Will be different for every country).
  • That’s it! Now you know the estimated fare.

That was all we had about how to predict traffic in Google maps in Android, iOS and desktop. If you are a boss of a company, share this blog with your team and employees so they are never late to office!

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