How to spoof your location on Android

spoof location on Android

Yeah, you read that right. You can actually spoof your location on Android (iPhone is a bit trickier to do) but what benefits does it provide? First of all location spoofing is way more common than you think especially among youngsters.

There are a number of benefits of faking or spoofing your location, like if there is any content that is only available to a particular country or region. You can set your location to the city or country where that media or content is available. Now you can watch and browse all the content without any restrictions like a person living there.

Steps to spoof your location on Android

  • Download a fake GPS app
  • Enable Developer Options
  • Select a fake/mock location app
  • Start spoofing your location on Android

Don’t worry, keep calm, I am not leaving here I will cover each step in detail with screenshots. Above is just the gist of the entire process. Now let’s execute each step one by one.

How to fake/spoof your location on Android

Follow the below steps in sequence:

Download a fake location GPS app

There is a slew of fake GPS apps on Play Store and I will tell you some of the most popular location spoofing apps. I am also listing the main features so you can better decide what app to go with.

Fake GPS location: This is probably the best FREE location spoofing app for Android with over 10 million downloads and with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5! Open the app and enter the location or drag the pointer to your desired location and hit on the green play button.

Fake GPS location

Mock GPS with Joystick: Fake GPS location will do the trick for most users but I know there are some naughty users too who are not here just to access restricted content. You know what I mean, so this app lets you navigate through different routes so that you appear moving.

Just enter the location and once the location pointer appears, there will be an option just above the pointer “Click to teleport here”. Click on it and you will see a navigator and a pause button on the screen. Drag the navigator button up, down, left or right to move your location on the route.

Fake your location on Android

The speed will be slow but you can increase the speed, Click on the menu> Settings and there is an option to set joystick speed. If you want to stop the location movement just click on the pause button.

Fake GPS location – GPS Joystick: This app is a bit complex to use but it has more features than the rest of the apps. It also the feature to send location on a preset route, so you don’t have to manually navigate through streets. This app is in my opinion way more practical than others and there is more why not play around with the app to learn more.

Once you install any of the fake GPS apps don’t do anything because it probably won’t work. We need to make some changes in the phone settings.

Enable Developer Option

You probably would have enabled this feature but those who haven’t follow along. Go to your phone settings> About Phone and look for the build number. Some phones have build number under Software info. Once you have located it, rapidly tap on the Build number to unlock the Developer options. Now it will ask you to verify your lock screen and developer options will be unlocked.

Select a fake/mock location app

Just hit back once and you will find developer options or find it in System in phone settings. Tap on the Developer options and scroll down a bit to find the “Select mock location app”. Tap on it and you will see the list of location spoofing apps you installed in the very first step. Select the one you want to use.

Select mock GPS app

Spoof your location!

Finally the good time! Open the fake GPS location app and drag/search to your location and tap on go. Now you should be faking your location.

You are free to explore any world and any geo-restricted content. You can even use any VPN app to access any geo-restricted media or content. Just open the app and select the server location of the country you are pretending to be in. You can check out our list of Best FREE VPN apps for Android and iPhone.

Please don’t use this location spoofing trick for evil. Google may ban you for violating the rules of Android but it doesn’t mean you can’t use this app. Just use the app wisely and not to do anything evil. 

This is all we had on how to spoof your location on Android. If can’t make it through, let us know below in the comment section below.

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  • Thanks, but how could you spoof the coarse location as well? I mean when using an app that has access to both fine and coarse location and doesn’t work properly when the two don’t sync.


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