How to enable WiFi calling on Jio & Airtel on Android and iPhone

Wifi calling on Jio & Airtel

Following the steps of Airtel, Reliance Jio also launched the voice-over WiFi calling feature. Don’t know what the heck this WiFi calling is? WiFi calling on Jio and Airtel allows you to make and receive calls over a connected WiFi network when there is no or weak signal without any extra charge.

I think the WiFi calling feature is extremely where you don’t usually get a network. This is something that every telecom operator must provide.

Now let’s see how this WiFi calling feature works on Jio and Airtel.

How WiFi calling works on Airtel and Jio

When you make calls, you are communicating through the telephone lines. Let’s say you are in the no-coverage zone but you are connected to a WiFi network. Even if you don’t have any network, you will still be able to make and receive calls.

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This will work even when both the caller and receiver don’t have a network but are connected to a WiFi network. Only the caller or receiver who doesn’t have a network needs to be on WiFi while the other party can directly make the call without being on a WiFi network.

What devices support WiFi calling on Jio & Airtel?

This is a device based feature generally available on newer generation phones. So, it will not be available on every device. Both Jio and Airtel have listed the compatible phones on their websites.

Let’s see how you can activate the WiFi calling feature.

How to enable the WiFi calling feature on Android

Every android device is a bit different in setting placement, so, I am using the stock Android setting.

  • Open Settings on your smartphone.
  • Tap on “Connections”.
  • Now look for the option “WiFi calling” and switch it ON.

If you face any difficulty in finding the setting then you also have the search option there, just search for it.

How to enable WiFi calling feature on iPhone

  • Open Settings app
  • Find the “Phone” option and tap on it.
  • Now tap on “WiFi calling”.
  • Activate the “WiFi calling” feature by switching it on.
  • It will show a pop-up, just tap on the enable button.

That’s it! You have successfully activated the WiFi calling feature.

That was all we had if you face any problem, let us know in the comment section below.  

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