Facebook removed Info and Ads tab? Here is a Quick Workaround!

I don’t know exactly when but recently Facebook removed the Info and Ads tab from the Facebook pages. This particular feature has been removed from both the mobile and desktop versions. Those who don’t know, this feature helped users to see what ads their competitors are running. The info and ads tab could be found on the left panel of the page but not anymore.

Facebook removed Info and Ads Tab

This feature was controversial in digital marketing field as many believed that Facebook shouldn’t make any data public that may reveal the company’s marketing strategy. Whereas some took it as a learning tool to see what right or creative your competitor is doing and how you can make your ads more creative and better.

But recently Facebook removed the info and ads tab on what grounds, we don’t know. As the info and ads tab has been removed now, what option have we left with? Is there any workaround for this? Yes, there is, that’s why we are writing this article.

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Here is the Quick workaround for Info and Ads feature

Facebook Ads library

You can still check or spy on your competitors marketing strategy by using the Facebook ads library.

  • Visit Facebook ads library
  • Enter your competitor’s page and press enter
  • There you will see all active ads.

That is the only simple way to know your competitors marketing strategy. Actually it’s wrong to say that Facebook removed the info and ads tab but they moved the feature to a new place. Whatever, things are still same and accessible.

That was all we had for now regarding the info and ads issue. You can share this article with your other marketer friends and educate them too. Any issue, doubt or questions, as usual drop them in the comment section below. Cheers!

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