Remove green check marks on icons and files in Windows 10

Green Check marks on Icons and Files

Recently one of my friends showed me his Windows laptop showing some green check marks on icons and files. One more thing I noticed is that those green check marks were not there on every file, folder or icons. It was only there on some files and icons which was bit confusing.

When I asked him why he wants to remove those green check marks? He replied it’s irritating, well his choice. Seeing the green color initially I thought it was safe mark of some scanning done by anti-virus software. Still I was skeptical about it and only guessing about it. A similar issue arised when all my files and folders started showing checkboxes on them.

After researching for a while I found out that these green check marks were due to OneDrive.  Let me explain in detail, OneDrive is cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. Those green check marks are sync sign which means those files and folders are backed up on the OneDrive. You can access those files from anywhere by logging into your OneDrive account. OneDrive syncs your Documents, Pictures, Music and Desktop.

So technically you are not getting rid of those green check marks but turning off the sync process of OneDrive. I would recommend you to keep it on as sometimes we forget important files in our laptop and in that case we can easily access our files and folders from anywhere. Still if you want to get rid of those marks, read on!

Steps to remove green check marks on icons in Windows 10

  • Click on the up arrow i.e. show hidden icons button at bottom right.
  • Now click on the OneDrive icon.
  • Click on more button and then click on close OneDrive.
  • Now confirm by clicking on close OneDrive.
  • That’s it. You are done!

That was all we had regarding the green check marks issue. There is nothing in this to worry about but if you still have any queries we are always at your service. Drop your questions in the comment section below and we will reply the earliest possible.

Jai Singh

Love reading and writing about technology, trying new stuff, and spreading the same in the easiest way possible.

4 thoughts on “How to remove green check marks on icons and files in Windows 10

  • Anonymous

    Just reboot and the green marks are gone!

  • Anonymous

    helpful, thanks

  • Thank you! I get rid of those green checks now. great help!

  • Nana Yaa

    Thank you for your steps. However it did not quite work thusly for me. In my case the green check mark was there and I did not even have a working OneDrive account; I was using DropBox and I think it just inserted itself.

    Anyway, after verifying that I had no OneDrive account. I went back to the “Show Hidden Icons” clicked on the OneDrive and saw a message asking if I wanted to use it “locally” or “online”. I right clicked and opted to remove all together. STILL the green icons did not go away until I right clicked on my desktop and hit the “REFRESH” button.


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