How to view saved passwords in Chrome, Firefox & Safari

view saved passwords in chrome

Most users save their passwords in their browsers so they don’t need to enter their login credential over and over again. I also do that but the major drawback is we actually start forgetting our passwords after some time as browser remembers our passwords for us. Also if browser gets uninstalled or its data is cleared then all saved passwords will be lost.

Few days back i need to login one of my accounts on other device but i don’t remember the password as it was saved in my browser and never needed it. One method i know is the “manage passwords” which shows you the saved passwords.

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One good security step taken by chrome is, they only show you the saved passwords if you enter your PC login password just to make sure that authorized user is trying to see the password (You can still bypass this, we will tell you in this article).

Suppose for some any reason you wanted to know the saved passwords of your friend’s account. No doubt you won’t be able to see as you don’t know his PC password which is required to view saved passwords as most browsers have this feature (except firefox). But we have one method which you can use to view passwords without the need of computer login password.

How to view saved passwords in Chrome, Firefox & Safari

Let’s discuss these methods in detail:

How to view saved passwords in Chrome?

You can easily view saved passwords in chrome, just open your chrome browser and at the top right (beside three vertical dots) click on profile>passwords.

Now you will see the list of all websites along with their username and passwords but passwords won’t be visible unless you enter your admin password.

Click on the “eye” icon whose password you want to see and it will ask you to enter you admin password. Now your password is visible.

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How to view saved password in any browser without admin password

I’m damn sure you won’t require this method on your own computer but i am only telling this method for educational purpose only. You can use this method for any website, in any browser. Don’t use this knowledge to gain unauthorized access to anyone’s else account.

view saved passwords in chrome

  • Open the website whose saved login password you want to see.
  • Now press f12 or right click on the page and click on “inspect”.
  • You are now in developer mode, press ctrl+shift+c and select the password box.
  • Code of password box will be selected.
  • Right click on the selected code and click on “Edit as HTML”.
  • Now in <input type=”password” code replace password with “text” and close the inspect box by clicking on the cross (x).
  • Bam! Your password will be shown in the password box.

Some browsers have a bit different option. Right click on the login page of website, right click>inspect or view source code to enter developer mode.

How to view saved passwords in Firefox browser

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Click on menu button (three horizontal lines on top right) and then click on “Options”.
  • Now click on Privacy & Security tab and under “Browser privacy” click on “Saved Logins”.
  • You have now the saved logins and along with their websites.
  • Click on “show passwords” and next click yes.
  • Now you have all the saved passwords.


But Firefox doesn’t seem to care much about security as anyone can directly see the usernames and passwords without any security layer or admin password.

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How to view saved passwords in Safari

  • Go to Safari browser now click on Safari>Preferences then select passwords tab.
  • Safari will show your saved login details. Double click on password field.
  • You will be prompted to enter your Apple password first.
  • Select multiple saved logins and click on “show passwords for selected sites”, again you will be asked to enter your Apple password.
  • That’s it. Now you have all your saved passwords.

This was all for “How to view saved passwords in chrome” or any browser you use. If you find yourself stuck at any step let us know in the comment section below. If you find this post useful do share it with your friends to educate them too. Cheers!

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