How to increase Reliance Jio speed

increase jio speed by tweaking APN and using VPNs

So, you are here and I am pretty sure that you must be having Jio sim in one of your device sim slots. It is also obvious that you probably be facing speed issues and now you want to fix or increase Jio speed. Jio revolutionized the Indian telecom industry with a storm.

Who does not want free internet, every living being gets attracted towards the word FREE. We all remember those days when we were standing in long queues to get one Jio sim which provided free internet, calls, messages, caller tunes, TV shows, and movies and much more for free.

After the promotion period when they started charging for the services they were still very much affordable and cheapest not only in the country but in the world! That’s really something to envy for by non-Indians.

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No doubt their services and network reach are improving every day with the new tower being installed almost every day but some users are experiencing slower Jio 4G speed. Reasons can be many of slow speeds and today we will try to touch every possible fix which causes slow speed and increase your Jio speed.

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How to increase Jio 4G speed

This one is very basic but some users are just unaware of this setting.

Method #1: Switch to LTE

Go to settings>mobile networks>network mode>LTE

Now restart your device and download “opera VPN” and click on connect. Now check the speed.

Method #2: APN setting [September 2019]

This method will surely increase your Jio speed. Now we will be creating a new APN setting for the best internet experience. For that, you need to follow some steps and make sure you fill the values exactly the same as below.

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Go to your Android device’s settings>mobile networks>APN>Select Jio sim>Access Point Names (APN)>Add new or create new apn

**Note – I am providing here two APN settings, save both APN settings one by one. Always use the primary APN i.e. the first APN and only use other or secondary APN if you face any issue. This makes sure that you always get the best possible speed. We update the APN with the latest, so bookmark this page!

Now fill below APN setting carefully and don’t change any other settings.


APN SettingValue
Name4G Prime
BearerLTE, UMTS or All options
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6


APN SettingValue
NameJio 4G VoLTE
Usernamejio 4g volte
MNC857,863 or 874
Authentication typeNot set
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
BearerSelect all options

Now we are done with settings and hopefully, this might have fixed the majority of user’s problems. If it has, do let us know in the comment section below. If not then be with us as we have more options to experiment with.

Now we will be using some VPNs to increase Jio 4G speed. For that, we have compiled a list of some really good VPNs.

Increase Jio speed with VPNs

#1: Speedify VPN (Download)

This app is really smart, what it does is, it merges your Wi-Fi and cellular bandwidth into a single bandwidth for better speed. Even if one of your connections (Wi-Fi or cellular) goes down the other one will keep you online.

#2: Turbo VPN (Download)

Turbo VPN is another free VPN and is mostly used by Jio users to increase Jio speed. It improves browsing speed as well as downloading speed. It has many servers to connect to.

#3: Betternet VPN (Download)

The best thing about betternet is, it is completely ad-free and does not require you to register before using it. It automatically connects to the best performing server for your location.

#4: Proton VPN (Download)

This VPN is not only used by Jio users but by almost every type of user. It effectively increases your browsing as well as downloading speed.

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One last thing to increase Jio speed: Download ADM

ADM is a download manager like IDM and works exactly like IDM. What it does is, it divides your larger files into small pieces and then downloads it. This method increases the downloading speed of any network provider.

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This was all about how to increase Jio speed. We tried to cover every possible issue and fix it. If any of the above methods worked or even improved your internet speed then let us know in the comment section below. As most of us use Jio do share it with your friends and let them also fix the Jio speed problem.

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