How to install JIO TV on Laptop (Windows and macOS)

JIO TV app on Windows Laptop

I won’t start with praising JIO and how it changed the telecom industry and gave so much to the Indian users. We all know this and we are thankful for these drastic price drops in data and call rates. So, today I will be talking about JIO TV app which provides premium TV channels so you can watch TV on your android and iPhone on the go. But what if you could enjoy on a bigger screen with better sound? Sounds awesome, right? Let’s see how you can install JIO TV on laptop or PC and enjoy your favorite shows on a bigger screen.

What stops you to Install JIO TV app on Laptop?

The first challenge is they don’t have a website where you could login and start watching TV. They only have an app which you can install on your Android or iPhone. Now the main problem is, Android, Windows and Mac are three different OS (operating systems). Anything designed and developed for one particular OS is not applicable or won’t run on other OS. This simply means the JIO TV app developed for Android or iPhone, won’t run on Windows or Mac.

This problem is solved by using Android emulators. Android emulators are kind of special software that replicates the Android environment inside the Windows or Mac OS. In that virtually created environment you can install JIO TV app on laptop.

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Download the JIO TV apk

Before we install Android emulator, first download the JIO TV apk which we will require in further steps. This step is optional for now as you can login using your Gmail account in the Android emulator and directly download the JIO TV app from the Playstore. Or, you can download the latest JIO TV apk if you don’t wish to login in the Android emulator.

Installing Android emulator on Windows or Mac

There are many Android emulators available but here I will talk about two most widely used Android emulators:

Note– For sake of this tutorial we will be working on Bluestacks. You can download NoxPlayer also, both work fine and the interface is very much like a typical Android smartphone.

Steps to Install JIO TV on Laptop or PC

  • Download and install Bluestacks
  • Open Bluestacks and login with your gmail account to download the JIO TV app from the Playstore or double click the JIO TV apk you downloaded earlier to directly install it.
  • Open the JIO TV app from the Homescreen
  • Login/signup to your JIO TV app
  • Now you can access all the channels and shows on JIO TV.

Enjoy your favorite shows on a bigger screen with much better graphics.

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Install JIO Cinema on Laptop

You know the good thing, once you have Bluestacks or any other Android emulator, you can download any Android app on your laptop and even play games.

For best experience, login with your gmail account in the Bluestacks to directly download all apps you want from the Playstore.

That is all about how to install JIO TV on Laptop or PC, if you get stuck anywhere in the process feel free to ask in the comment section below. Cheers!

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