How to download paid Android apps for free

Download paid android apps for free

Just buying a smartphone won’t be sufficient; you need some apps to ensure smooth user experience. You can get any feature or service through an app but they are not always available for free to download. Few apps provide you some basic features for free while some features are only available in the paid version of the app or in premium version.

Today we will be teaching you how you can download paid Android apps for free.

Note- A lot of hard work goes into the development of the app and takes significant amount of time and investment to develop these apps. We are just teaching you to try these paid apps and test the features and if it gets your work done then do buy the app and use it. Developers are human too and they also need money for their efforts and hard work.

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How to download paid Android apps for free

#Method 1: Blackmart Alpha

The app is not available on Playstore because it violates Google’s policies. But this is the most popular among all as it is the biggest market of apps which allows you to download Android apps for free.

Download Blackmart Alpha: Blackmart.us (scroll a bit and you will see download link).

Install the application and open it. Once you open the app, search for the desired app in the search box and download. Now you have the paid apps for free.

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#Method 2: 1Mobile Market:

Always remember that every app that provides paid apps for free will never be available on Playstore as these apps violates Google’s policies. This app is also a repository of paid apps available to download for free.

Download the 1Mobile Market app.

#Method 3: 4Shared (free/pro):

4Shared is not only limited to providing Android apps but also provides computer softwares, music, videos, pdfs and much more. It’s totally legal as it provides cloud storage where users upload files and share with each other. You need to create an account to use it. The app is also available on Playstore with free as well as premium version.

Download from Playstore: 4Shared (free version)

Download Pro version: 4Shared (Cracked).


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#Method 4: Some more sites

There are many sites available which provides paid apps for free and all have similar interface, search and download the app that’s it. Some more sites are:


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As mentioned earlier use this article for testing purpose only and if you find any app useful then buy premium version from official website or Playstore.

These are some popular sites, that’s it for how to download paid android apps for free. If you know some more do let us and our readers know in the comment section below.

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