Samsung launches invisible AI-based keyboard

At the 2020 CES in Las Vegas, USA, many top companies like Intel, AMD, and Asus have made some highly interesting announcements. Samsung is introducing the SelfieType, which is its new AI-based keyboard.

The application is developed by Samsung’s C-Lab program, which has designed many innovative and weird tech products. Seeing the innovations and development I think we have entered the sci-fi world which once mankind only dreamt of.

The SelfieType will make use of the front camera to trace the movement of the fingers of the users as they type. With the help of artificial intelligence, the movements are transferred for typing to a standard QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung has posted a video in its official blog and explained how SelfieType works perfectly without any external hardware. According to Samsung, only RGB along with a front-facing smartphone camera will be required.

We all have faced the problem where we need to type long messages which feel quite cumbersome to type on smartphone on-screen keyboards. The new keyboard design will help users’ type long messages and emails which is still a problem with the existing QWERTY keyboards in smartphones.

The keyboard supports only the English language presently, but Samsung plans to launch multiple languages in the future. It will be a boon if we get this in all major languages. The efforts are being made to customize SelfieType so that it will suit every individual’s typing styles.

There have been many weird-yet-innovative keyboard designs in the past from various companies. Tap Keyboard, which is a wearable Bluetooth keyboard, helps detect fingers tapped on a flat surface, then the corresponding command or character is sent to the paired Bluetooth device.

Samsung’s new keyboard will be an excellent alternative for smartphone keyboards. What do you think of Samsung’s SelfieType keyboard? Let’s know in the comment section below.

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