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Top 10 in-demand IT skills in 2020

IT skills in 2020

Wondering what tech & IT skills will be in huge demand in 2020 or coming years? Today we will give you an idea about skills that are paying the best and will generate more jobs in the future. The demand for workers with advanced tech skills is on a constant rise.

To keep up the pace with the changing times, many companies are moving towards hiring and promoting the right talent to remain competitive. Employees who have the latest tech skills are likely to be in high demand.

However, with constantly-evolving technology, understanding the right IT skills are crucial to thriving in various fields.

Python, a programming language, is one of the most popular IT skills people are learning. Apart from python, there is also a huge interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science.

The vice president of learning at Udemy, Shelley Osborne, told CNBC Make It that while tech courses are usually more robust, some briefer introductory courses can help those who don’t even work in the tech field. “We sometimes see these topics trending with executive-level leaders who want to better understand their business’ approach using data science,” she said.

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It is very easier for companies to parse out data and there is a growing need for workers who can interpret those data sets. According to LinkedIn, jobs that involve data science skills have been classified as some of the most promising jobs in the US.

“Organizations are becoming more data-driven, and that’s partly because they’re harnessing the power of AI. And there’s a need to analyze and process data across all kinds of roles,” says Jennifer Juo, who works at Udemy.

Hiring managers also face problems in finding the right talent that has essential IT skills like Python, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Business Intelligence, etc.

A 2019 report from iCIMS, which is a recruitment software provider, companies had to take an average of 55 days to fill a tech role in the year 2016. The number increased to 66 days in 2019. Osborne adds, “We’re seeing a shift in skills development that requires us to think differently about how we approach talent.”

**Note- All the listing is based on expert advice and from job listings on popular job portal websites like Indeed, LinkedIn monster and more. 

The top 10 Tech (IT) skills that will be in high demand in 2020

 1. Python

Do you know why we kept python above AI or ML? Because python saw a hike of more than 200% in last 5 years that is probably the highest among all the skills. It is a programming language that is used in software development, data analysis, and infrastructure management.

 2. Data Science (Among the highest paying IT skills in 2020)

Data is the new wealth and money for products and services selling companies. The more data you have, the better you will understand the business but maintaining such huge data is not an easy job. There will be a huge demand for data scientists in the coming years.

 3. Machine learning

It is a scientific study that involves algorithms and statistical models. Data analytics, mathematics, and python play a major role in machine learning.

 4. Artificial Intelligence (The present and the future of Tech)

It is currently one of the highest paying jobs and there is a shortage of skilled people in AI. Artificial Intelligence gives machines the ability to make decisions and work smartly. Machines are becoming more smarter each day, thanks to AI that enables machines and devices to work with little to no human intervention.

 5. Digital Marketing (A booming sector)

Just having a great product is not enough unless you don’t market it well. And with the increasing popularity of social media and the internet becoming more accessible to everyone there is a huge demand for digital marketers.

 6. Django

It is a Python-based open-source and free web framework.

 7. Blockchain (the Hottest trend in Tech world)

When we hear blockchain the first thing that comes to our mind is cryptocurrency. Blockchain is distributed computing technology. There is already a huge demand for blockchain experts and this will continue to grow.

 8. Cloud technology (Already in huge demand)

This decade is of cloud and almost every business is going for cloud technology and obviously there will be a demand for cloud experts.

 9. Cybersecurity (Constantly on the rise since the inception of computers)

Cyberattacks have increased exponentially and mostly these attacks happen to companies maintaining big databases. Cybersecurity has always been in demand skill but this year it will be even in more demand.

 10. React Native (mobile)

It is an open-source mobile application framework that is created by Facebook. It can be used to develop applications for iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform and Web.

These 10 IT skills will be in most demand in 2020 and even in the coming years. AI and ML experts have already warned that most of the repetitive tasks or jobs that are basic will be taken over by robots, AI or ML.

It’s high time that we hone our skills and develop some technical skills. So you don’t have to think about switching job profiles or struggle in the future.

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