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Kali Linux for Android: Step by step guide to complete installation

Kali Linux for Android

Hacking is a powerful magnet which attracts everyone and especially teenagers. I also started in my teenage and at that time there were not many hacking tutorials on the internet. After searching for hours I learned that every site I visited talked about Linux or specifically Kali Linux OS. Coding is the key to hacking but I didn’t like spending hours in learning coding, like a teenager I wanted quick results. Kali Linux OS is the collection of most advanced hacking tools with more than 300+ tools. So, I started learning these tools and basics of Linux commands.

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But time has changed; testers and exploiters now want to perform hacking on the go on mobile devices also. Android being the market dominator in the smartphones offers (not officially) to run Kali Linux on Android. We will be taking you through the entire process of it step by step.

Install Kali Linux on Android – Steps

There are mainly four things you need to have before you can start using Kali Linux on your Android and they are:

  • Rooted Android (MUST)
  • Minimum 5GB of free space
  • Fully Charged Phone or Plug in the charger
  • Good internet connection

Out of four only first (Rooted Android) option is the most important. Once you ensure the above requirements our next step is to download two apps which will help us to install Kali Linux on our Android device. Now download the below two apps first:

Once you have downloaded these apps, follow the below steps-

Kali Linux in Android

  1. Open the Linux deploy app and click on the “Download icon” at bottom right.
  2. Under the Properties, click on ‘Distribution’ and select Kali Linux.
  3. Scroll down and change your username and password (If you want, not compulsory).
  4. Select GUI if you want graphical interface under same properties tab.
  5. Go to the main menu now and tap on Options (3 dots) and click on Install. Click yes if it asks for confirmation.
  6. The image size of the Kali Linux for Android is somewhere around 4GB. Download time depends on your internet speed. Just wait for the installation to complete and at the same time make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged or just plug in the charger.
  7. Tap ‘Start’ after the download is completed. Now your Linux deploy will start VNC and SSH server. Based on your selection (GUI) it will show the interface accordingly to operate.
  8. Now launch your VNC viewer app to access your kali instance remotely and at the top, it will show the IP address which you will use to connect.
  9. Use the username and password set in your Linux deploy under the properties tab. If it does not work then use:

Username – android or localhost

Password – changeme

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Now you can access your Kali Linux on your Android and perform the testing on the go anywhere. That is all about “Kali Linux for Android” if you face any problem then let us know in the comment section below.

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