How to activate WhatsApp without SIM or Phone number

activate WhatsApp without simYeah, it’s true, you can activate WhatsApp without a sim or a real phone number. Sounds crazy? but it’s not. Many people ask me “how to activate WhatsApp without SIM or without real number or be anonymous on WhatsApp. Well, whatever their reason may be (I hope they are not involved in something bad) I had to figure it out. With this method you can bypass the WhatsApp verification code.

How WhatsApp verification works

WhatsApp is easy to set up and use and you must first create an account by using your phone number in order to use their services. Once you enter your number WhatsApp sends a verification code on your entered phone number which you need to enter to verify your phone number.

Can I use Email address to verify WhatsApp Account?

Unfortunately, NO. You can’t verify your account through email. WhatsApp clearly mentions on their website that in no case they will send the verification code to your email even if you are travelling abroad. But still you can use our below methods to verify your WhatsApp account.

Can I Bypass the WhatsApp mobile verification code?

No, you can’t bypass WhatsApp mobile verification code. Even in the methods discussed below we are not bypassing the mobile verification but simply using free virtual numbers to verify the WhatsApp account.

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How this trick works

Working of the trick is very simple, there are many sites and apps which provide a phone number for WhatsApp verification. And these numbers are called “virtual numbers” or simply say temporary mobile numbers. Which basically means you can’t make calls or send messages through this number unless you buy a virtual number. But you can still receive OTP and other messages. 

When you register with virtual number WhatsApp will send the verification code on the virtual number service provider and they (virtual number provider) will tell you the verification code so you can enter that verification code and activate your WhatsApp account without sim or a real phone number. So, this is how the anonymous WhatsApp works!

*Note – You can use these methods to activate any services like Facebook, Twitter, g-mail or anything which require a phone number to get in action.*

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How to activate WhatsApp without sim

So we will be discussing both free (for poor people) as well as paid methods (for rich people) for generating virtual numbers.

activate whatsapp without sim

#Method 1 – Activate WhatsApp using TextNow app (Free!)

  • Download and install the Textnow app from here.
  • Now signup with any mail id.
  • It will ask for the area code of USA just Google for area code and enter the code there (I used 225 area code and few others are 210 – 214 – 254 – 281 – 361 – 409 – 469 – 512 – 682 – 713 – 806 – 817 – 830 – 832 – 903 – 915 – 936 – 940 – 956 – 972 – 979).
  • On the next page it will ask you to choose any number from the option and hit continue.
  • Now enter that textnow phone number in your WhatsApp verification and proceed. WhatsApp will send a verification code to your textnow number which you will receive in your textnow app.

*Note- You may not receive verification code through SMS (in some cases), just request a callback and you will receive a recorded voice message of verification code in your textnow app.

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#Method 2 – Activate WhatsApp without sim through Nextplus App (it’s also free)

  • Download and install the Nextplus app (why am I telling this step) from here.
  • Open the Nextplus app and signup with any random username and password.
  • Now it will ask you to select any US city and area code from the list below, choose any and proceed.
  • On the next page it will show your virtual number, use this number to verify your WhatsApp account.

activate WhatsApp without sim

Now the third method is my favorite and can be used to generate multiple numbers to activate WhatsApp without sim or real numbers.

#Method 3 (The best) – Activate WhatsApp without sim through 2ndLine App (thanks me, it’s also free)

Follow the below steps to verify your WhatsApp account without SIM and real phone number-

  • As usual download and install the app from here.
  • Open the app and signup with any email.
  • Now click on “Set Up” and give the necessary permissions (you can skip too) and proceed and on next slide hit on “don’t use my location” and move on.
  • Now it will ask to enter area code which I already have shared with you above or enter any random 3 digit number and check.
  • On the next page it will show a list of numbers to choose from, just choose anyone and hit continue. Yippee! Now you own this number. Use this number to verify your WhatsApp account and do whatever you want to do man but nothing illegal plzz.

Note – I tried all three apps and could not receive verification code through SMS on both apps but call request worked as they (virtual number providers) send me the audio of the code which works absolutely fine. So if you experience the same problem then click on request call to get the verification code then you can use the code to activate whatsapp.

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** Use this app to generate multiple virtual numbers by deleting the app data and signing up again with any e-mail number (no e-mail verification needed) just don’t use the already used email id. I used these multiple times to generate several virtual numbers and all worked absolutely fine.

Now you must be wondering what if I want to run multiple WhatsApp accounts in parallel to my main WhatsApp. Well, we have covered that too. Read “How to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android device”.

Now we have the paid method exclusively for rich people, in this method we will be using the online service called I won’t be going in too much detail as it is very much similar to other processes.

activate whatsapp without sim

  • Move to the website and signup. Now load your account with $5 or any amount.
  • Go to project lists (on left side) and favorite WhatsApp and now move to “Get code” section.
  • Now select any country of your choice to receive your verification code.
  • Enter the allocated virtual number in your WhatsApp and you will receive the activation code in the website, just enter the same in WhatsApp and activate your account.

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Time saver tip

I also came across two more websites which provided free virtual numbers to activate different services and they are and Don’t use these two websites to activate WhatsApp as WhatsApp doesn’t accept their numbers, maybe they have figured out that they are fake numbers. Though you can use these websites for Gmail account verification or any other services.

That’s all about “How to activate WhatsApp without sim”, now you have a totally anonymous account to play and be cool geeky guy among your circle. If you encounter any problem through the process just let us know in the comment section below and I will help you out. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Activate WhatsApp without SIM or Phone number (FREE+PAID) Methods

  • I tried all the apps. None of them are working. Either i get a one hour timer which keeps tucking even after changing my phone’s time or I get another error msg that this no is banned or whatsapp isn’t available after the otp verification . Dont know what to do

  • 2nd line is best… Smoothly worked… Thanks bro

  • Endrit B.

    i will give it a tray, hope it will help me. Thanks for the share!

  • I tried 2ndline and textnow, whatsapp said both numbers were not vaild

    • Jai Singh

      2ndline app – certain area codes are not working like 845 (did not work for me too). I suggest you to use different area code and generate number. Try 225 area code and proceed because it worked for me. If it still doesn’t work, logout of 2ndline app and again create a new account with any random email id and proceed with different area code.
      Hope it helps!

  • Jai is shit

    Idiot. Doesn’t work.

    • Jai Singh

      Apologies bro but at which step you found it not working? what issue you encountered?

    • Hello sir, thanks for helping out. I
      am able to receive the codes through SMS or Call using Text plus and Next plus . with text plus am told my phone number is banned and hence cannot be used, however the Next plus am able to type in the number and WhatsApp accepts it but in some short time it gives me the reply WhatsApp isn’t available hence the number is banned. Please how do I overcome this ??

      Thank You

      • Try 2ndLine and if you get a banned number then clear app data and sign up with a new random email (No verification required) and try a different area code to generate a new number. WhatsApp is smart now in detecting free virtual numbers.

  • NewtonFan

    Great, tricks like these can help you stay anonymous. Thanks


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