How to extract text from any image

We come across many situations where we want to copy text from images or a picture of text. But most people either type the entire text or dictate the entire text line by line in any speech to text engine like Google translate. But there are many ways to make this task super easy. We will discuss three popular ways to achieve our goal-

How to extract text from any image

  1. Using Google chrome extension Project Naptha extension.
  2. Using the Online OCR website.
  3. Microsoft OneNote

#1. Using Google Chrome extension Project Naptha extension

extract text from any image

We have given this method as our first choice because chrome is undoubtedly world’s most popular browser for both PC and smartphone. Download Project Naptha extension from Chrome web store from your Google Chrome browser and click on “add to Chrome” button to add this extension to your browser.

That’s it! Now you don’t have to worry anything, whenever you come across any image or meme on the internet just right click on that image and you will see an option to copy text from it.

#2. using online OCR website

extract text from any image

 As the internet users increasing and data plans are getting cheaper and cheaper online services are becoming more prevalent. To use the online OCR service just head to their website and upload the image containing the texts to be extracted then select the language after that click on convert and wait for the output text to be displayed.

#3. Method using Microsoft OneNote

extract text from any image

Most probably you are hearing this for first time that is even capable of extracting text from images. Then you realize how accurate it can be may be better than above two methods. The process is as simple as biting a bite from cake. To extract text from image just follow the following steps:

  • Open your OneNote from Microsoft office
  • Now navigate to insert>pictures and then select an image file
  • Right click on inserted image and click on Copy Text from Picture.
  • Now paste that wherever you want like MS word or notepad etc..

That was all about how to extract text from any image. If you liked the post do share with your friends and educate them too. Enjoy!

Jai Singh

Love reading and writing about technology, trying new stuff, and spreading the same in the easiest way possible.

2 thoughts on “How to extract text from any image

  • Bob Schavoy

    I would definitely recommend online OCR . Been using it for a year now and very happy. The text recognition accuracy has been around 60% for me, so I have had to read carefully and correct any errors. But for a free solution, I can’t get too upset. Also, my boss has used a slightly different tool and has had great results with it: https://www.bisok.com/grooper-data-capture-method-features/multi-pass-ocr/ . Hope this helps

  • Vishnu Pratap Singh

    Thank you sir, it help me alot to copy quotation instead of typing. It saves my time alot. Keep update us by latest tips and tricks.


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