How to access PC from android

access PC from Android

You are somewhere out like in office or college and suddenly came to know that you just forgot some important files or data in your PC and you need that right now! What will you do now? Well in this era of technology anything is possible. We have many application out there in market to access any device remotely. We have discussed two most popular method used widely. Let’s do it.

Now move to your PC and download google chrome and install it if you don’t have.

Launch chrome and you will find app icon (3×3 grids) below back button at top left corner of the screen.

Click on web store and search for chrome remote desktop in the search bar (sometimes you don’t find the app directly in webstore in that case search for “Chrome remote desktop” on Google and click on first link) and click on the “+ Add to chrome”. This will ask for certain permission which chrome require to run the app, accept the permissions and click on add app. This will add the app in chrome automatically.

access PC from Android

Now again click on the application menu (app icon below back button) and here you will notice the chrome remote desktop app (icon shown in image) in the installed apps.

Click on the chrome remote desktop app and will ask you to login using your Gmail account (if already logged in it will not ask).

Note*- use same google account to login on both android and PC chrome remote desktop app.

access PC from Android

In the chrome remote desktop PC app, under My Computers click on “Enable Remote Connections” button. This will download a file named “chromeremotedesktop.msi” which enables your device to communicate with each other.

Run the “chromeremotedesktop.msi” file on your PC and allow the access that is required during the installation.

*generally it runs automatically after it has downloaded the file you just need to allow it by clicking on yes button.

After the PC has installed necessary files to run remote desktop, the application will ask you to enter a minimum 6 digit pin twice for security. Remember the PIN as you will need this every time you want to access your PC from your android phone.

*you can enter pin of length greater than 6 digits, minimum length is 6 digit.

Now take your android phone

Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Playstore and install it.

Run the chrome remote desktop app on android and you will see detected list of computers enabled for remote connection, if not make sure you are logged in with same Gmail account on your PC and phone and then hit refresh button. Now select the PC from the list to which you want to connect and enter the 6 digit pin you created earlier and click on connect. Bam! You have now your entire PC stuff on your phone.

*note- If you don’t want to enter the pin every time you want to connect just check the box “Don’t ask for a pin again when connecting to this host from this device”.

The controls: moving your finger across the screen will act as the mouse.

A single tap act as left click

A single tap with two fingers will act as right click.

Moving two fingers horizontally or vertically will act as the mouse wheel to scroll pages.


Another method is using TeamViewer

Click on the link (here) and scroll a bit down and you will find “Download TeamViewer” button.

Once you run the setup, it will show some options to select. Select basic installation and personal /non-commercial use or select company /commercial use. Selecting commercial use will ask you to buy license for the software and it is paid. You can also select “Run Only” to run TeamViewer without installing the software.

Now click on accept-finish and the installation process will start. Once the installation has completed run the software and you will see a screen similar to below image.

The two important information here you will find are “Your ID” and “Password”. You/someone will need these details to gain access to your PC.

Now take your phone and download TeamViewer for Android from Playstore.

Open the app and enter the ID and password displayed on your PC and then click on connect. Hurray! You have done it (hopefully).

Another problem arises with this method is you are not always close to your PC to get the ID and password for the TeamViewer to connect to the PC. So what can we do about this? Well, we have a way to overcome this issue.

Open your TeamViewer on your PC and click on “Connection” (top left corner) and then click on the “setup unattended access” from the dropdown menu. Click next.








Enter the PC name and password which you need in future to connect to your PC without being physically there. Now click next.

On the next screen select “create a free TeamViewer account” and enter the asked details to create your free TeamViewer account. Click next and then click on finish.

Now open the TeamViewer app on your phone, tap on computers and it will ask you to login. Login with TeamViewer account you created in above step. Most probably it will say cant login through device because you have not added your device as trusted device. Now login to your email account and you will find an email from TeamViewer informing you about your recent login from the device and also gives a link to add this device to your trusted device. Click on add to trusted device. Done!

Now go back to the android app try to sign in again from your phone and this time you will be able to sign in. you will notice your computer name just tap on that and then tap on connect to this PC. That’s all now you can see your desktop on your phone.

**Also your home PC has to be connected to internet all time to gain access from anywhere.

*note- if you play videos remotely then there will be lag in audio video.

If you get stuck anywhere during the process let us know in the comment section we will help you out. Enjoy!

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