How to download WhatsApp status of your friends

Download whatsapp status

WhatsApp status is cool way to show your feelings, what’s going in life, what you are upto and almost anything. Mostly everyone put some sort of statuses to show their feelings or mood. To be honest most of the statuses are really dumb (sorry my friends) but sometimes you find really good ones. And now you want that status, either you can ask them (this will hurt my ego!) to send that image or video or use our simple trick to download the WhatsApp status.

Make sure you never download their private pictures and videos, it’s illegal. But you are free to download if it is funny clip or meme or anything not personal.

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I will show both methods to save the WhatsApp status i.e. without any app and with an app. Both methods are extremely simple and take no time and effort.

Let’s discuss the first method which is downloading status without the use of any app.

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Download WhatsApp status of your contacts without App

  • First view the status completely you want to download.
  • Now go to your file manager> Internal storage> WhatsApp> Media.
  • Go to options (3 vertical dots)> Settings> “Show hidden files”. It can also be available under options.

WhatsApp folder of saved status

  • Now you will find a folder .statuses, Open it and you will see all the statuses you have seen.
  • Just copy/move whichever status you like to some other folder. That’s it.

That’s very simple method but there is way simpler method and that is, ask your friend or whoever it is to send that video or image. But we won’t ask I know even I don’t, may be it will hurt our ego.

With this let’s move to second method and we will use an app to download the WhatsApp status. I don’t know why someone will want an app when they can do that without the app. Whatever, let’s know the second method.

How to download WhatsApp status with an App

  • Download the app from here.
  • First see the status completely which you want to download.
  • Now open the Status saver app which we downloaded in the first step.
  • You will Images under Image tab and videos under video tab.
  • Now click on the download icon to save it on your device.

These two are the simplest method to download WhatsApp status of your friends. Though there are other dumb methods too but I think you should restrict yourself from doing PhD in this.

Simple trick to save WhatsApp status without any App! Click To Tweet

This is all we have for “How to download WhatsApp status of your friends”. If you face any problem regarding not only this article but any article feel free to comment below.

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