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Best Android backup apps to save your data [FREE]

In this article, I will tell you about 10 best Android backup apps to prevent data loss. This is how I learned about this, once I lost my phone and I was very sad. That day I realized that I was not sad because I lost my phone but the data I had on my phone. Years of memories, contacts, important files and documents all went in a second. And I had never backed up my phone.

So, after buying a new phone the first thing I did was I researched how to back up my phone data and schedule automatic backups for my Android phone. Now let’s check the best backup apps for Android.

Top 10 Backup Apps for Android

Here is the list of best and most popular apps for Android data backup.

  • Super Backup & Restore
  • App/SMS/Contact – Backup & Restore
  • G Cloud Backup
  • App Backup & Restore
  • Google Photos
  • Google Drive
  • Helium
  • Titanium Backup
  • Backup Your Mobile
  • SMS Backup & Restore

Now, let’s discuss each backup app and its features in detail.

**Note – No app can back up your apps data and settings and system settings unless you have a rooted phone. Android doesn’t allow you to play around with its system settings or core files as it is against their policy.**

Super Backup & Restore

Super backup & restore - best android backup app

This Android backup app is FREE with ads and has an ad-free paid version. You can use this app to backup contacts, call logs, apps, bookmarks, and calendars either to SD card or Google Drive. You can even backup your app’s data and settings but for that, you need a rooted phone.

The app also gives you the option to schedule auto backups to your Gmail or Google Drive. In addition to this, the app has a phone booster to boost up the speed. The interface is easy to operate and has both light and dark theme mode. This is certainly one of the best Android backup apps. NO ROOT required.

Backup & Restore

One of the best Android backup apps

Backup your Android data with this app, contacts, messages, APKs and personal files. You have the option to save your Android backup data directly to SD card or Google Drive or Dropbox or any other cloud service. It also has a virus scanner and scans your Apps and other data.

The app is FREE but contains ads and that’s totally okay. You don’t have to open this app regularly and moreover you can schedule auto backups. You must try this app if you are looking to backup your Android phone. NO ROOT required.

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G Cloud Backup

G cloud Backup

Two things first, first, it is not from Google, secondly, it has a 1 GB limit. But the good thing is you can easily earn upto 10 GB by completing simple tasks and by sharing the app with others. The app can backup contacts, call history, messages, images, videos and more to cloud or SD card.

You can even schedule the backups and set it to only backup when connected to WiFi and plugged in. You don’t need a rooted phone for this app to work. NO ROOT required.

Google Photos

Google photos to backup photos & videos

Most of the storage is consumed by our photos and videos. The free storage provided by other apps is not always sufficient to upload heavy files. You can backup unlimited photos and videos to Google photos. You can backup photos upto 16 Megapixels resolution and videos upto 1080p. Larger size photos and videos will be reduced to 16 MP and 1080 respectively.

It has artificial intelligence features like you can search for a photo with its details. Search for beach or sunset and Google photos will show all the photos having a beach or sunset. Google photo is the best app to backup photos and videos.

Google Photos is one of the best backup apps for Android for photos and videos. You must definitely set up Google Photos and sync it.

Google Drive

Google drive to backup personal files

Google Drive needs no introduction here! It gives you FREE 15 GB storage with each Gmail account to save any data you like to its cloud storage. Open Google Drive and tap on the plus sign> upload and upload any file you want to Google Drive. I always recommend using Google Drive to save your important data. I personally use two Gmail accounts to backup my important data.

If you need more space than you can purchase more space or create multiple Google accounts as I do. You can log in to your Gmail account anywhere and on any device and download your files.

You can even create a downloadable link and share with your friends to download or simply view it. No doubt Google Drive is the best free app to store your personal data on the cloud securely.

You can even backup your WhatsApp chat and media files to google drive with no limits! The space used by WhatsApp backup will not be counted against your free 15 GB.

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Backup Your Mobile

The app works for both rooted and regular users. The app can backup SMS, MMS, contacts, call history and a few other basic system settings while rooted users get to backup, even more, deeper and complex app and system settings. Backup your mobile app does what it has been named and provides a basic solution to backup Android phone data.

Helium – App Sync & Backup

This is another one of the best apps to backup Android phone. Like all other best backup apps it can backup contacts, call history, messages, apps, etc. The free version only lets you create backups to SD card or to PC and with the paid version you can upload to the cloud.

The only thing that irked me is, you need to install a desktop version of the app to work with the Android app when connected to a laptop or PC.

Titanium Backup

Best back up app for android for rooted phones

If you have a non-rooted phone than skip this part as it exclusively for rooted Android devices. This is probably the best backup app for rooted Android users. You can back up everything on your phone but with the free version, you can only backup to SD card while paid users get to directly upload to cloud.

You also get the option to schedule your backups. The best part is the app is ad-free. If you have a rooted phone then this will be your best choice.

App Backup and Restore

This app can only backup your apps and restore them any time you want. You can even backup multiple versions of an app and you even have the option to backup specific apps instead of all. You get the option to backup apps directly to SD card or Google Drive.

This app has an inbuilt virus scanner. Unfortunately, you can only backup APKs of the apps and not data and settings. The app is FREE with ads.

SMS Backup & Restore

If your primary concern of doing a backup is SMS and call logs then you should blindly go for the SMS backup & restore app. This app works flawlessly and even the interface is simple and self-explanatory.

You get the option to backup your call logs and messages to a local device or to Google drive and few other cloud services. You can also schedule backups to automatically create backups save it to your desired location.

This was all about the best Android backup apps to prevent data loss. I always recommend people to start taking regular backup of your Android device or whatever phone you are using. Always keep a copy of your important documents or files on Google Drive or any other cloud service.

If there is any other great app that we missed on our list? Let us know below in the comments.

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