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Best free android launchers- 2018

best free android launchers

The way we organize, manage and interact with our apps on Android is called the launcher. After some time you may get fed up with your phone’s home screen look and feel and this is the time to give a try to other launchers out there.

All you need is to download them from Google Playstore for free (some are paid too) and change all of it. Third party launchers offer some really cool features and allow more customization.

Best free android launchers- Top 5

1. Nova launcher: No doubt it is the best launcher and gives more control and features than others. It’s been in the market for over 5 years now and is most recommended Android launcher.

        Nova launcher- Download (free, $4.99)

2. Action launcher 3: This has been one of the favorite launchers. It comes with stock android feel and some extra features to keep it above the crowd. It is highly customizable and Quicktheme lets you customize colors of the UI according to your wallpaper. It even has its own special style of folders and much more.

       Action launcher 3- Download (free, $4.99)

3. Arrow launcher: It is a product from Microsoft (don’t worry it has no resemblance with windows theme). It’s clean and light and will show you frequent contacts, recent documents, reminders and your frequent apps. It has many integrated features of Microsoft products and is great if you use Microsoft product.

        Arrow launcher- Download (Free)

4. Evie launcher: This is relatively new comer in launcher market but it is light launcher with some unique features. Double tap to put your phone to sleep, swipe up to open the app drawer and comes with support for icon pack and much more.

        Evie launcher- Download (Free)

5. Smart launcher 3: SL 3 is very much customizable and intelligent. You can sort your apps in 5 categories and put a search bar on it and not to forget its iconic “Flower” layout for apps. You can hide apps behind a password lock and lots of themes and plugin support.

        Smart launcher 3- Download (Free, $4.49-$8.49)

There are many other launchers that are worth giving a try after testing and using top 15 launchers in the market we chose to restrict our list to 5. Currently they offer the best features and performance giving no extra load on processor and RAM.

Here our list of “best free android launchers” comes to an end. Use these launchers one by one and then decide which to carry on your phone.

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