How to SMS Bomb anyone anonymously for FREE

Okay, those who are reading this out of curiosity that what the heck this SMS bomb is. An SMS bomber app or tool sends a slew of messages anonymously and continuously hence bombing the victim. This prank will ring or vibrate your target’s phone with the message notifications and surely he/she will get irritated. 

You can use these free online SMS bomb tools or even dedicated apps to irritate your friend and have a little fun with them. Your friend will never know why these useless messages are coming. To make this prank even easier I have listed some of the most popular free online SMS bomber websites and apps.

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Let’s first see what tools we have and then I will show how to use them.

Best free SMS bomb websites online

  1. SMS Bomber This tool from Mytoolstown is one of the best SMS bomber tools. I tried this website and it worked like a charm. Using this tool is easy and requires only a few clicks and you are ready for the prank. You can even schedule your prank, how cool is that! This tool only works on the Indian numbers.SMS bomber by mytoolstown
  2. SMS text Bomber  – This another great website to SMS bomb anyone in India and the USA. The tool is simple to use, just select the country code and enter the phone number then click on “Start bombing”.

Now, let’s see what SMS bomb app we have Android

Best free SMS bomber for Android

BOMBitUP– This is probably the best working SMS bomb app available for Android. You can use this app to SMS bomb anyone in India, UK, US, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Philippines. Just select the country then enter the mobile number then the number of messages you want to bomb and the delay time between each message.

BOMBitUP (message bomber)

How to protect yourself from SMS Bomb

If you know these SMS bombing websites then chances are your friends might also be knowing or at least can find out easily. You can find the protect number option on all the websites mentioned here. 

protect from SMS bomber

Now, just need to enter your number then nobody can bomb you from that particular app or site. You can at least put your number on the protected list of all the websites and apps mentioned here. This will definitely give you some protection from your evil friends. 

I also knew some apps and websites to call bomb your friends but those don’t work anymore. Even you will find a call bomber option on both the websites listed above but those don’t work. You can still try them but I am sure they won’t work.

This is all we had about How to SMS bomb anyone anonymously and irritate your friends. Though this is actually very fun to do but overdoing it will definitely piss off anyone or you may even lose your friend. Use it wisely!  

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