YouTube tricks you probably didn’t know


YouTube is world’s largest video sharing website and also second largest search engine after its father Google. Everyone uses this whether for entertainment purpose or for learning, you will find a flood of videos related to your search keyword.

You might have also used YouTube but did you know that there are few tricks which will make your YouTube experience a little more interesting and easy.

Let’s check these tricks in detail—

  1. Download any video from YouTube:

You are watching videos on YouTube and suddenly you like a video and want to download that video for showing friends later. To download a video:


Just put “ss” (without quotes) between www. And YouTube and hit enter. You will redirect to new website.



Now select the desired video format and your video will start downloading.


  1. Extract sound (MP3) from a YouTube video—

Watched a video and want to download it as MP3 only? No problem, for this also we have a trick.

Type “magic” between You and Tube in the url above and hit enter. You will get redirected to a new website. On this new page click on mp3 and download the song (if you don’t see any mp3 option just click on the download video then it will show you options to download mp3 as well video).



You can also copy the link of the song then open a new tab and search for “YouTube to mp3” in google and open the first link i.e. and paste the video link. Now click on start and then on next page click on download. That’s it!

Now your song will start downloading soon.


  1. Convert any video into animated gif:


Yes! You heard it right, we come across many videos which have gif worthy moment in it and we just want that small portion so badly.


To do this just put gif before of the URL of the video. This will open a gif editor page, now select the portion of the video you want to make gif and click on create gif on top right. Now you have your gif ready and you can directly share it on social platforms and even download it by signing up on gif. Download the gif by clicking on download gif and sign up by entering your email id and a password.




  1. Bypass age restrictions—

There are plenty of videos on YouTube which has age restriction on them may be they contain violence or even adult content which you surely don’t want under aged to watch them. But we understand your eagerness (you know what I mean). That’s why we have trick to bypass this security check and watch the video without singing in and verifying your age.

Let us take an example of a video which has age restriction on it.

In the above URL delete the watch? And replace the = with / which makes the URL look like

Now you can watch the video in full screen mode without signing in.


  1. Line up all videos from a specific channel—

You watch a video and liked it so badly that you want to watch all videos from the same channel or uploader. Just add &list=UL after the URL of the video and hit enter, this will show all videos from a particular channel.



  1. Put a video(s) on loop–

Watching a song video and wanted to listen it again and again (till it start irritating us, just kidding).

If you want to repeat a single video, just right click on the video and select loop this will start repeating your video.

Just in case if you want to repeat any video you play on YouTube (but why?). Type repeater after YouTube like$l this will change the interface of YouTube a bit and now any video you play will be on loop.


  1. You can create a link which starts a video at a certain time—

current time url

Watching a random video and suddenly a wow scene hits the screen and you just can’t help sharing that video but at the same time you also want him/her to watch that ‘wow’ scene only. To do this skip to the time where that particular scene is and pause the video, now right click on the video and choose Copy video URL at current time.


  1. Bookmark videos to watch later

Sometimes we don’t want to download a video but still want to add it in our playlist or maybe e you download it later. You can add videos to watch later list.

If you are playing that video, locate and click on “Add to” under the video title create a playlist (if you don’t have one) and add that video.

If you are just scrolling through videos thumbnail, hover your mouse over the video thumbnail. You will notice that a clock logo is appearing, click on it and this will add the video in your watch later playlist.

We hope these hacks and tricks will make your YouTube watching bit more interesting and easier. Enjoy!

Note*:- some tricks may not work on YouTube app but all are working fine on desktop and mobile browser.

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