Custom Recovery(TWRP vs CWM)

Custom recovery

All Android devices comes with a recovery software that enables your device to install update packages, restoring default setting after resetting and performing other diagnostic tasks.

The recovery you receive with your phone is referred to as stock recovery which is limited in functions and features. You can only perform basic tasks with and won’t let you modify core files. That’s why you need some third party recovery to install custom ROM(s) in your android device.

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As the name suggests custom recovery is a modified form of recovery which allows you to do many additional things that is not possible in the stock recovery. If you are going to install a custom ROM, you must have a custom recovery installed in your android device.

As the preinstalled recovery by the phone manufactures are stock based recovery which does not support flashing Zip file options. Today we will help you decide which custom recovery to go for as their are plenty of recoveries out there. The two most widely used custom recoveries are TWRP recovery and CWM recovery.

To better understand their features and functions let us dive a bit deeper.

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project while CWM stands for Clockworkmod recovery. In order to install any zip file in your device you must have installed any of these two recoveries. So at this point a question arises which is the best recovery to install and why?

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Interface: TWRP has a clean interface with large buttons. TWRP has its own navigation bar and support touch input while CWM uses hardware buttons to navigate. The home page of TWRP has more options than CWM. TWRP also has a battery indicator to show how much battery life you have.

Backup/Restore: In the world of rooting failure is the integrated part of the process and to revert any changes we must take backups. While taking Backup of the system and data from the CWM recovery we have to tap out 4-5 times in order to make backup.

While backup option in TWRP is more easy and customized. You can select what should be included in backup or what not. You can even compress the image backup so it is more efficient in taking backup than CWM.

Installing Package: Installing packages in TWRP is easier than CWM. In TWRP you can install a package just by swiping while in CWM you have to select from 3-4 options and that too from hardware buttons. Installing time of packages is same in both as it has nothing to do with CWM and TWRP, it depends upon the size of the file that is to be flashed.

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Rebooting: In TWRP reboot menu has many options you can reboot your device in recovery menu, bootloader, system or you can even power off your device while in CWM you can only reboot your device to the system only.

That was all about “Custom Recovery: TWRP vs CWM”. Which one do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

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