Top five reasons to move on custom ROM


Top five reasons to move on custom ROM

First of all let us understand what a ROM is? A ROM is the operating system of your device which enables you to operate your device. Every device comes with a stock (provided by manufacturers) ROM with your device.

Custom ROM is developed by independent developers, custom ROM is not fully developed from scratch but the existing ROMs are modified and new features are added.

You can also replace the stock ROM with any custom ROM If you are thinking to move on to custom ROM because now you don’t have voiding warranty fear or just bored of the stock ROM you are using and want to get different feel.

Reason may be anything but i am sure you won’t regret your decision. We are going to give you some solid points to help you decide either to stick with stock ROM or switch to custom ROM. 

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Top five reasons to move on custom ROM

To get root access

Custom ROMs provide you the root access of your phone i.e. it gives you the permission that you can do almost anything to your device. You become master of your phone and you decide which apps to install or which to uninstall (even system apps).

To increase privacy

When you download any app it asks for many permissions like access to your gallery, camera, contacts, messages, location etc. in order to install the app you have to grant permission without that it won’t install while in custom ROM you can manage these permissions later i.e. which part or services of your phone is accessible by the app and which isn’t.

Though new phones now allow you to decide what permissions should be given to an app. You can encrypt all your data without any third party app. You can stop whisperpush messages and do much more.

To remove bloatware

All devices come with so many pre-installed promotional apps like Google apps (though some are worth keeping), shopping apps etc. out of which some are totally useless and consume lots of device resources and make your phone slower.

You can only disable/force stops these apps but can’t remove them. But in custom ROM you can completely get rid of these by deleting those pre-installed apps. Also just rooting your device also lets you remove almost any bloatware.

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For regular updates

Most of the phones don’t get updates (official) after an year or more. Usually they upgrade your OS to next version only most of the times after that you stop receiving updates as company start focusing on new devices. So in order to be up-to-date with latest technology you can manually upgrade your android version to latest versions of Android by installing custom ROM.

To personalize everything 

You can personalize your UI, themes, navigation tweaks and status bar tweaks in custom ROM. You can even change your boot animation i.e. the image/animation you see when phone boots up or starts. Basically you can do almost anything with your device as you now have the reins in your hand.

If you are among those who loves to explore and experiment with their device then it is very much clear that you should opt for custom ROM. But these days many things which required root access earlier can be done without rooting your device.

That was all for now about “Top five reasons to move on custom ROM”. What do you think about both the custom and stock ROM and which one do you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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